The curriculum is distinctive in its breadth and academic rigour with modules and courses designed to stimulate the student's intellectual development.  It also prepares them for progress to the next level after graduation, be it tertiary education, vocational education and training, or employment.  Approximately three quarters of a cohort study university entry courses (ATAR).


The College provides a wide range of WACE Courses which span the nine learning areas of the College.  In Years 11 and 12, students select courses to study.  These must include Religion and Life and an English course.  Students in Years 11 and 12 select six courses in total in each year.


The College caters for students via a range of group and individual programs. In many Learning Areas, extension programs and competitions are offered to students as an extension to the existing curriculum.

Students in Year 10 are able to access ATAR courses normally only available to Year 11 students.  Students in Year 10 are invited to participate in these courses, based on their academic performance in Year 9.

Religious Education

The Religious Education program at Corpus Christi College compliments the religious dimension of the College.  Students are presented with an opportunity to celebrate and participate in the religious rituals that underpin our College community. The Religious Education curriculum is enriched further through the opportunities to walk in Jesus’ footsteps through participation in retreats and Christian Service Learning.

Within our senior school Religion and Life courses, students are presented with the opportunity to search for truth from the framework of a Catholic perspective.  Religion and Life in the senior school allows students to explore the nature and role of religion in society. Students are presented with an opportunity to engage in open and honest dialogue concerning the nature of religion within Australian society.  Teaching Religious Education in the 21st century context allows us to rise to the challenge and build our Gospel understandings.


The English Learning Area offers a range of enrichment and extension programs:

  • Students in Years 9 and 10 are invited into Extension English classes and these students have a typical pathway in to ATAR Literature in Years 11 and 12
  • Additionally, the department offers a Talented Young Writer's Program for students in Years 8-12. Students invited into the program attend The Literature Centre in Fremantle once a term for a workshop run by well-known and published Australian writers and illustrators. Students involved in this program also enter writing competitions to put into practice the skills they have acquired at the workshops
  • Students are offered a public speaking program that allows them to enter local competitions such as Rostrum and Plain Speaking English Award, and our own Corpus Public Speaking Competition
  • Radical Readers is a Middle School book-club attended by avid readers who share a love of novels.

Health and Physical Education

In addition to the programs offered within the Health and Physical Education curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in the vast array of extra-curricular sporting opportunities the College has to offer. These extra-curricular sports offer an extension to the fundamental skills and knowledge students develop within class, and the opportunity to play against competitors from associated Catholic Colleges.


Students in Humanities are provided with an opportunity to participate in a range of enrichment activities such as the UN Youth Conference, the UN Youth Evatt Trophy Competition and Mock Trials.

The Evatt Trophy Competition is Australia's most prestigious Model United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition. The competition provides a forum for students to meet like-minded students and develop their public speaking and negotiation skills. It fosters learning through a non-teaching environment, and creates a positive and empowering experience for students who are interested in international relations, politics and world affairs. The competition engages students in world affairs and issues through debating mock Security Council resolutions from the position of an assigned country.

Students who participate in Mock Trials engage in a simulated court case in which teams contest a fictitious Western Australia (WA) legal matter presented in the WA court system. The cases are presented by two teams - a prosecution/plaintiff team and a defence team - made up of students playing the roles of barristers, solicitors, witnesses and court officials. The Mock Trial Competition provides students with an opportunity to learn valuable skills in research and the development and presentation of a persuasive argument.

Students also partake in the Australian Geography Competition and the Australian History Competition.

Languages - French, Indonesian and Italian

The Languages Learning Area offers students a number of external examinations, as well as opportunities to compete against other students of language within the State.

Students studying French, Indonesian and/or Italian are also offered linguistic and cultural exchanges. These exchange programs allow students to immerse themselves in their target language and the country's history and culture. They also benefit students in their personal growth, communication skills and expose them as global citizens.

Each language offered at the College is associated with a sister school. These partnerships allow for reciprocal exchange visits where students are hosted by families of students from the schools they visit. These unique experiences of living in another country, sharing the language and culture, and making friends with their counterparts are life enriching for our students.

(The Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) Exchange offers a 2-month reciprocal exchange, allowing students of Italian to immerse themselves into the language and culture of Italian life, by living with a host family and attending school. On average, four Corpus Christi College students per year participate in such a program).


The Mathematics Learning Area encourages students to explore and investigate different areas of mathematics both inside and outside of the classroom. Our vision is: 'We envision a word where students and teachers are active critical thinkers; they see the value and beauty of mathematics and are empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords'. Students are offered a Mathematics Acceleration Course in Years 7, 8 and 9. This is for selected gifted students to be accelerated in the Australian Curriculum one year above their regular Year level. We also provide an opportunity for students to enter the following competitions:

  • Have Sum Fun Mathematics Quiz Night
  • Have Sum Fun Online
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Australian Mathematics Competition.


In Science each year, a number of our more able students are given the opportunity to participate in National Science competitions:

  • The Big Science competition for Years 8-10
  • Australian Chemistry competition for Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students are invited to participate in the:

  • Chemical Analysis (Tritation) competition in Year 12
  • Education Perfect World Series Science championships online.

Each year during Science Week, several students from Year 10 attend the Talking Science Cafe with many of WA's scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Technology and Enterprise

An annual event for the Technology and Enterprise Learning Area at Corpus Christi College is the Visual Arts and Technology and Enterprise Exhibition. This exhibition provides a platform for showcasing student work.

In Middle School there are many types of enrichment and extension activities available for students to select:

  • Textiles - Sewing Club; Apex Teenage Fashion Awards
  • Makerspace - including Robotics extension
  • Robotics extension and Technology Project Development
  • Computing - Coding Camp.

In Senior School, the enrichment and extension activities are aligned to course work and include:

  • Accounting and Finance after school study classes for Years 10 to 12 students
  • (Practical) project enrichment classes in Materials (textiles, metal and wood).

The Arts

The Arts Learning Area offers students many opportunities to further develop their skills and interest in the Arts. These include:

  • The annual College production with auditions taking place in Term Four
  • After school extension classes across the different subjects on offer
  • Annual Music Camp
  • Music Tour
  • Annual Visual Arts and Technology and Enterprise Exhibition.

The Arts Learning Area also offers the following outside-of-school opportunities:

  • Arts Club
  • Collective Dance
  • Dance Company
  • Rock Club
  • Choirs
  • Guitar Ensembles
  • Vocal groups
  • Various Drama productions.