Is there a College Bus Service?

 The College operates two private bus routes in the morning and afternoon:

  • ‘Fremantle Service’ (East Fremantle - Bicton - Melville - Myaree - Willagee - Kardinya - Murdoch - Bateman); and

  • ‘River Run’ (South Perth - Como - Karawara - Manning - Applecross - Ardross - Mount Pleasant - Brentwood - Bateman)

To access the bus timetables, please go to

These bus routes cater for families living in southern suburbs not directly serviced by a convenient public transport route to and from the College. Fares are affordable and can be purchased using a FlexiSchools account which is linked to your child’s SmartRider once he/she has received a SmartRider.

What Public transport options are available for my child?

The College is serviced by two public bus routes:

  • 505 (Bull Creek Station - Murdoch Drive, Bateman - Murdoch Station); and

  • 510 (Booragoon Bus Station - Winthrop - Dean Rd, Bateman - Murdoch Station)

To plan your child’s journey, please visit the Transperth website ( where you will find the Transperth Journey Planner.

Will my child receive a SmartRider?

The College will be purchasing students’ SmartRiders. The photos will be taken during Orientation for all new students and they will be ordered shortly after. We anticipate the cards being distributed to students by the end of February.

In the interim, your child’s current SmartRider (from their primary school) should still be valid until March 2020. If your child did not receive one in Year 6, then they will need to purchase their bus/train fare. More information regarding SmartRiders can be found on the Transperth website:

What date does the school year start for Year 7’s?

The school year commences for Year 7’s on 3 February 2020. Please refer to the School Calendar for dates and information.

How do I communicate with the Head of Year and teachers?

SEQTA is the system that the College uses to communicate with students and parents (“SEQTA Learn” for students and “SEQTA Engage” for parents). Seqta Learn and Seqta Engage can be accessed at the following locations:

Will my child receive a student diary?
Each student will receive the 2020 College Diary at the beginning of the school year. This is the ONLY diary to be used at the College.

Does each child get a locker and do I need to purchase a lock?

Each student will receive a combination lock for their locker on the first day of school. Students are to use this lock for the duration of their time at the College. If a student loses their lock, a replacement can be purchased from Student Services for $10.

Does the College store and administer Medications for unwell students?

As mentioned previously, there is no nurse, nor any other trained medical staff, attending to students on College grounds. Hence, we do not purchase nor administer medications to students. If your child requires medication, we are able to store it, along with a medical action plan, in Student Services. Medications, such as an Epipen, need to be provided to Student Services and kept up to date if your child suffers from a serious medical condition.

Any medication, including Panadol, is allowed to be kept by the student on their person, in their locker or in their school bag. As students are in secondary schooling, they are able to administer the medication themselves as required.

Where do I find the Booklist?

The Booklist resource lists for all year groups can be found at