Corpus Christi College is one of few co-educational Apple Distinguished schools in Western Australia. We are a pioneering force in secondary education, boasting a superior IT-enabled learning environment and delivering on our commitment to providing a cutting-edge curriculum beyond the traditional classroom and a personalised learning experience for every student.

We provide a 21st century learning environment connecting teachers, students and the community to the wealth of knowledge that exists in the world, and provide opportunities for students to create, reinvent and redefine ideas, knowledge and information in a respectful and compassionate way.  

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Facilitating Learning

Our teachers are transitioning from the primary role as a dispenser of information to orchestrator of learning, helping students turn information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and ideas to new creations.

The numerous technological tools and platforms, also allow teachers to cater for the students' different learning styles and abilities through curriculum differentiation at the content, process and product level.

Life-Long Learners

Our students in the past were young people who came to school, spent specified amounts of time in certain courses, received passing grades and graduated.  Today, we must see our students in new contexts:

  • Maintaining student interest by helping them to see how and what they are learning prepares them for life in the world beyond school

  • Instilling student curiosity which is fundamental to lifelong learning

  • Being flexible in how teachers create learning opportunities in their classes

  • Exciting all learners to become more resourceful, so they will continue to learn outside the formal school day and beyond graduation.

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Student Engagement

The various learning technologies available to students enhance student learning and achievement as they provide students with:

  • Engaging, authentic and relevant learning experiences

  • Access to 'just in time' information at point of need

  • Opportunties to interact with real world issues

  • Readily and on-going feedback and support from teachers.