Faith in Education
Creates a Bright Future


Corpus Christi College invites you to explore our website as a first step towards understanding the wide range of learning opportunities afforded our students, from the moment they join our community.

We inspire students to live out our College motto, Sequere Dominum,to ‘Follow the Lord’, to search for deeper understanding and meaning in whatever they study.

We motivate students both individually and collectively to achieve excellence by empowering them, teaching them to work together, learning alongside one another to achieve goals that will help them to realise their potential in the future.

We enjoy a reputation for academic excellence and for educating young people to serve as school and community leaders. In response to the needs of students in today’s rapidly changing world, we equip students to be life-long learners and global citizens, technologically savvy, able to meet life’s challenges due to the support they receive from their families and the education they have gained from their College.

We care for students. Pastoral Care at Corpus Christi College means enhancing the dignity of each person within our community. Pastoral care infuses every part of the culture of the College – through their Homeroom teacher, the House system in which all students are involved, the Heads of Year who oversee the collective pastoral program for students, through the psychological support offered to those who require it and the online tools available to support students who need help.

We provide a well-rounded educational program for each child. We value the individual child and understand that our role is to provide a learning environment in which the intellectual, spiritual and personal needs of our students can be catered for in our academic and pastoral programs. Educational programs are created for gifted and talented students in a range of fields, as well as individualised support for students with disabilities or learning difficulties - the College caters for all students. Through these programs, students are encouraged to discover their vocations or life callings. 

We encourage our students to value the opportunities that are made available to them in pursuing not only their academic studies, but also their interests in a range of extra-curricular activities. The skills and knowledge gained from such pursuits ensure that our students are able to meet the challenges of our society with confidence. Camps, tours and immersion activities are offered to students each year, all of which can enhance their learning experiences.

We utilise cutting edge technology to enhance our educational programs. Having been a leading digital school for many years and an Apple Distinguished School since 2012, teachers now create and provide a range of learning resources for students, with content and assessment tasks made available to students and parents via relevant portals or through e-Books.

 Our 24/7 communication to parents is made available through the parent portal and the service oriented approach of our ICT Service Team is available to all students, staff and parents.

 Corpus Christi College is proudly a Catholic school with strong ties to the surrounding parishes, a school that values the relationships built with these communities beyond graduation. These are some of the defining characteristics of the College and what makes us unique in our community.


Mrs Caroline Payne