A purchasing portal has been set up with Winthrop Australia as our recommended supplier to assist parents in buying a device for the start of the academic year.  Devices ordered through the Winthrop portal will be delivered to the College and setup for you prior to being collected before the beginning of the new academic year.

Purchasing through Winthrop will have the added advantage of taking part in the Device Enrolment Program (DEP) which will mean your iPad will be configured for WiFi and email, download the necessary apps and automatically setup the device for school prior to collection from the College. 

If you decide not to purchase through this method you will be required to bring the device to the College during January to have it configured.

Recommended BUNDLE

Corpus is a one-to-one iPad school and we use iPads extensively in our teaching and learning programs. 

To ensure that your son or daughter is able to participate in all learning activities and install the necessary applications for their classes we strongly recommend the following package.  This device also includes a hardy, well-tested case and Apple Care+ to cover you for accidents.

* iPad mini is not suitable and cellular devices are not required.  
* Upgrade to iPad Pro 10.5" or iPad Pro 12.7" at parents discretion.


Accessories Recommendations

To ensure your device is protected we also recommend that you purchase as hard wearing case, consider a protection plan and purchase the compulsory applications.  The College recommends the following:

  • Apple Pencil (or Stylus)

  • STM Dux Case

  • AppleCare+ - AppleCare Plus Protection Plan provides hardware coverage directly from Apple and includes up to two incidental damage coverage, each subject to a $65 service fee (see below)

  • $50 iTunes Gift Card - used to purchase compulsory Apps outlined below.

** Other accessories e.g. Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard can be purchased at parents discretion.


Winthrop Australia has put together bundled packages to offer considerable savings if parents purchase the device and accessories together. 

Other Retailer or pre-owned devices

Whilst you are welcome to purchase from another retailer or bring a pre-owned device, in order to participate in classroom activities students must have a device which is capable of running the latest operating system (iOS 12) excluding the iPad Mini and iPad Air 1 due to incompatible Apps.

Below is a list of supported iPad models,

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro(2nd generation)

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro(1st generation)

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro

  • iPad (6th generation)

  • iPad (5th generation)

  • iPad Air 2

Contact Information

Do you have more questions?

Please contact the LIBIT helpdesk with the following details,


Phone: 08 6332 2574


Teachers at Corpus Christi College utilise a core set of free applications to enhance learning, however, there are some applications which do cost money. To participate in learning activities students will be required to purchase the following apps: