Senior School News

Student Leadership 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in being elected to a student leadership position in 2019.

Prefect Committee 2019

Head Girl : Ellyn McGlone    Head Boy: Brett Nigli

Year 12 Prefects

Chisholm House Shanice Periera & Abbey Rock

De Vialar House Vanya Santiago & Mia Chan

MacKillop House Sean Kelly & Mya Grieve

Merici House Jessika Brooker & Rahul Lasrado

Pallotti House Sam Knight & Jessica Pascoe

Romero House Jaye Kember & Colby Petterson

Salvado House Jay Paton & Meg Templeton

Xavier House Joseph Damiano & Tiana Inman

Arts Prefects Annabel Biscotto & Noah Gilmore

Communications Prefects Blake Derham & Amy Wand

Sports Prefects Taylor MacDonald & Ethan Tupuhi

Student Ministry Prefect Rachael Dellaca & Julyan Tan


Years 11 Representatives – Student Leadership Team 2019


Chisholm House Sophie Steele & Max Fox

De Vialar House Emma Petterson & Kade Gizzarone

MacKillop House Alisha Van Zon & Cameron Bedford

Merici House Alisha Connors & Dieter Cadzow

Pallotti House Abby Barraclough & Joshua D’Cruz

Romero House Ava Dadmehr & Samuel Radanovic

Salvado House Jacinta Robless & Thomas Roberts

Xavier House Claire Cantwell & Connor West


Arts Quylam Hua, Isabel Gelfi, Stephanie Ierino & Kalea Stanger

Communications Konrad Rucki, Amy Pinto, Grace Kingston & Shannon Omar

Sports Sophie Jones, Mary Alimayo & Alex Marchese

Student Ministry Madison Wilde, Phoenix Casey & Isabella Cuocci

Years 10 Representatives – Student Leadership Team 2019


Chisholm House Benny Mangoba &Madison Whitney

De Vialar House Ben Cutri & Leah Nigli

MacKillop House Aaron Clayton & Victoria-Ann Chong

Merici House Antoni La Rosa & Deanna Clancey-Martin

Pallotti House Max Coten & Sophia Connolly

Romero House Calum Milne & Jade Pymont

Salvado House Gianni Petta & Melissa Piotrowski

Xavier House Kim Gamueda & Liz Lee


Arts Sanjeev Singh & Megan Schutte

Communications Christopher Cakir & Ella Waddy

Sports Luke Phillips & Anna Thomson

Student Ministry James McInerney & Olivia Dellaca



Parents will access their child’s report through SEQTA - Engage.  These will be available after 5:00pm Thursday 13 December.

To access Reports, please follow the following instructions:

·       Logon to SEQTA - Engage as you have previously done or access the link from the College Intranet -


·       Click on Academic reports – as highlighted below.

last news1.png

·       When you access this section you will see all of your children. Select a child and then the Report titled 2018S2.

·       Under the Download section click on the pdf document that is there and access this as you normally would for a document of this type.  (If you do not have a pdf reader installed on your computer this can be downloaded by accessing

·       Once the Report is downloaded you can now save and print this document if you wish.