Coding and Robotics in Beagle Bay

It was my good fortune to travel to Sacred Heart School in Beagle Bay for five days last week on an Information Technology initiative between Corpus Christi College in Bateman and Sacred Heart School in Beagle Bay.

During my visit I was able to liaise with all leadership and teaching and assistant staff at Sacred Heart School on many projects including STEM, SEQTA, OneNote and the use of TEAMS for Professional Learning; but the focus of my trip  was to deliver teaching and learning experiences in Coding and Robotics to the students who ranged from the five year old pre-primary group to students in year ten at secondary school level.

They were all very excited about the Spheros that I had taken with me from Corpus and keen to learn how to use them for various activities.

*A Sphero is a spherical robot toy. It is a white orb wrapped in polycarbonate plastic, capable of rolling around, changing colors, running programs, and being controlled by a smartphone or tablet. 

While the very young children were delighted that they could change the colours on the Sphero and guide it in different directions, the students in the middle primary classes were excited to apply sections of code to control the operation of their Sphero and the senior students were able to learn to write and apply code and include obstacles for the Spheros to traverse.

It was an insightful teaching and learning experience and wonderful to be involved in the Beagle Bay Community.  Huge thanks to the lovely people of Beagle Bay and the amazing staff and students of Sacred  Heart School .

I look forward with excitement as we strengthen and grow together.


Rhonda Armenti

Head of the Technology and Enterprise Learning Area