Year 10 Media Students Recreate Movie Scenes

Year 10 Media students have recently been recreating scenes from famous movies in a Swede style. Swede movies were pioneered by director Michel Gondry (famous for Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind), with the aim being to recreate a movie with low-budget sets and amateur actors.

Students were assigned a Steven Spielberg movie and asked to re-shoot a scene in two weeks, equipped with just what they could borrow and an iPad. The idea is that with very limited resources, a director should be able to use their skills and style to creatively problem solve and deliver new interpretation of a famous scene. 

What is noticeable is how much students have had to test their skills and resilience. This year we are asking students in the College to take courage in their creativity, to show process and embrace challenge. The ‘real world’ challenge requires students to use connections and support networks and to be curious in researching and trying out new approaches and techniques. 

I am very proud of our Year 10 students and their ability to rise to the challenge. We are now at the final stages of editing and the results should be interesting!