Senior Boys Football

Australian Rules Football at Corpus Christi College has always had a focus on developing strong character and leadership. Football is simply the conduit to which these skills can be cultivated.

This year our Captain, Gavin Thompson, supported by the Year 12s in the team, were given even more responsibility. This was the first year that these students decided who would play where and what strategies and tactics would be used in the upcoming games. The team embraced this model of increased student independence, which translated into wins on the football field.

The season presented many 'on and off field' challenges. They were met with integrity and tenacity and as a result, these challenges were overcome and the whole team continually improved. Unfortunately, the boys winning season came to an end in the semi-finals with a gut-wrenching last minute loss to the football specialist school, Cecil Andrews. The boys conducted themselves with dignity amidst the disappointment, and have gained far more than they have lost from the experience of being a part of the Senior Boys Football team.

Stephen Kingwell 1st XVII Coach