Middle School e-News 16

Year 6 Fun Day

Many thanks to our Arts Learning Area for delivering an outstanding Year 6 Fun Day.  The current Year 7 Student Leadership Team carried out an amazing job in ensuring that all new students were organised throughout the day.

The Year 6’s showed real promise, displaying an excellent attitude from the outset.  There was a real sense of unity as students from numerous primary schools came together as part of the Corpus Christi College family.  Our new intake had a fantastic time, already making new friends and trying out new experiences.  We very much look forward to their orientation day in November.

Year 7 News

Pastoral Period

The focus of the most recent Pastoral session was “Achieving Excellence”,focusing on study skills. Students worked through:

  1. Study Skills Checklist
  2. How to study
  3. I am ready to study
  4. How you feel about school
  5. What is my learning style
  6. Learning style Quiz
  7. My Learning Style.
  8. Make a schedule
  9. My schedule   


Head Lice Notice

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been advised of a case of head lice in Year 7. A factsheet can be found at http://healthywa.wa.gov.au/Articles/F_I/Head-lice


Year 8 News

 Pastoral Period

Students received presentations about Career’s from Mrs Kath Davey and Mrs Rachel Burke. This was followed by students working in their Homerooms. They accessed a website to complete the My Future Pathways career generator. Website: https://myfuture.edu.au

Year 9 News

Year Nine Student Leadership

“Whoever would be first among you must be servant of all” (Mk 10:42-44; Mt 20:25-28). Week Three saw the opportunity of Student Leadership open up to all Year 9’s once again. Year 9 students are being asked to consider taking the leap to serve their peers next year as a Student Leader. All Year 9 Students were nominated for the position of House Representative this year and their peers voted for the people they believed best suited to represent them on Friday October 27. From here the House Coordinators will interview the successful students and select the House Representatives for 2018.

Students who wish to nominate for a Committee Student Leadership role are able to find a nomination form on the Year 9 Portal or collect one from the Head of Year office and nominate themselves for a position. Nominations close on Wednesday November 1. Students for these positions will be interviewed by the Committee Coordinators based on applications meeting required criteria for Committee Student Leadership Positions in 2018.

Cyber bullying

We all have the right to freedom of expression and to hold opinions without interference, however, sometimes our children can misinterpret this to mean that they can do and say whatever they wish if they feel it is true. The Year 9 Pastoral Programme has focussed heavily on Cyberbullying this year and the effects, legality and consequences of such behaviour. It is upsetting to be aware that there continues to be cyberbullying occurring within the Year 9 cohort. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about their online behaviour and the appropriateness of some of the choices they may be making so that together we work towards each and every individual being compassionate, thoughtful and Christlike.

Pastoral Period

The Week 3 Pastoral Programme period was presented by Mrs Rachel Burke and Mrs Wendy Quint who presented a session on Careers to assist the students to start thinking about their future education and career choices. The Careers information will continue to be worked on in Year 10.

 Space Camp 2018 Parent Evening

 Next Tuesday (31st October) we have the next Parent Information Evening hosted by Lucy from Edu School Tours. This event is being held at John XX111 College in the GBLT Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre and will be starting at 6.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing the 2018 Space Camp USA tour participants and families on Tuesday night.

Gospel Focus – Love your neighbour as yourself

There is an implicit, or understood, commandment within the command to love your neighbour as yourself. That is, we must first love ourselves. Whilst to say someone ‘loves themself’ is used as a criticism of a person who is a bit too vain, that is not what is intended here. If we are to love others as we love ourselves we must first be content and happy with who we are. It is only when we are comfortable with who we are that we are able to reach out to those around us with compassion.


 Year 8 STEM Experiences

Engineers from WOODSIDE visit Year 8 students to share STEM experiences

STEM is Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics and careers in STEM are fundamental to continued advancement and prosperity in our community and our country.

Year 8 students were treated to inspiring presentations and practical activities by groups of Engineering staff from Woodside last week when they visited Corpus to demonstrate STEM in real-life situations and share information about their own roles and career journeys.

They presented the students with:

·  strong and compelling messages that STEM subjects can lead to a wide range of creative and fascinating careers for all young people

·  activities of interest that created enthusiasm for STEM subjects in a fun, practical and engaging way

·  real-life role modelling from people passionate about their jobs and keen to be ambassadors for STEM careers

During the presentation, students were able to experience the use of a Virtual Reality Headset with 360 degree virtual reality footage that let them feel as though they were actually on the North Rankin Complex – Australia’s largest offshore gas processing facility.

We are very grateful to WOODSIDE for involving us in their ‘Promoting STEM in Schools’



Mrs. R. Armenti, Ms. D. Coma, Ms. S. Farrington and Mr. M. Stephens