At Corpus Christi College, we have earned a strong reputation in the community for focussing on providing the very best education for young men and women since 1983.  As a College that is visionary and prophetic, we focus on success, enabling our students to be independent and interdependent learners who are confident, resilient and committed to achieving their potential.

The College is not only forming young adults for the future in developing their academic knowledge, it also believes that an education should encompass the whole person by striving to nurture students socially, emotionally, making them spiritually aware and embracing their physical and cultural gifts.


Our Values

Guided by our Christian beliefs, our values focus on:

  • Nurturing a living faith

  • Promoting justice and service to others

  • Striving for excellence in all that we do

  • Fostering joy in learning

  • Respecting the dignity of each person

  • Creating and maintaining a caring and inclusive College community.

Our Beliefs

Our fundamental Christian beliefs are:

  • Each human being is a unique creation made in God's image and therefore, possessing inherent dignity and worth

  • Education is about learning what it means to be human, and that in Jesus Christ we have a model we can follow

  • Education is a means of discovering a personal meaning in life, and a means of liberating and empowering individuals to take charge of their own lives, and contribute to the society in which they live

  • Education encourages the development of individuals by fostering a sense of their own worth, the value and dignity of human life, and of responsibility for and service to others

  • Education facilitates an integration of faith, life and culture.

The College Crest

The College Crest features a Celtic cross, surrounded by a circle.  This cross symbolises the risen Christ - our source of joy and celebration.  The white field symbolises the Eucharist, in which we celebrate the risen Christ and give thanks for the sacrifice of His life for us. The Eucharist is emphasised by the words CORPUS CHRISTI - Body of Christ.

The colour burgundy reminds us of the red wine consecrated in the Eucharistic celebration to become the Blood of Christ, a symbol of sacrifice and community celebration.  The blue circle denotes the tranquillity of believing in and being saved by our resurrected Lord, present with us in the Eucharist.  The colour blue also reminds us of the humanity of Christ through His Mother, Mary.

College Spirituality

The College is committed to its Catholic foundations and strives to enhance the spiritual life of the College.  The College provides opportunities for Eucharistic celebrations and participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The College celebrates significant Catholic Feast days and encourages the practice of Catholic prayers and the provision of Catholic symbols within the school.