Student Ministry

A core value of the life and spirit of Corpus Christi College is nurturing spiritual growth in our students, whilst laying a strong foundation for their faith development. Occasions such as praying together, ministering to others and studying their faith, seek to develop and equip our students to become followers of Jesus Christ.

The Student Ministry programs at the College endeavour to nurture faith within a peer-to-peer ministry framework.  This is done through a varied and exciting range of activities, as well as by experiencing the general culture and ethos of the College environment.

Arts and Culture

The Arts continue its desire and commitment to building community within the College, encompassing all disciplines.  This is achieved having introduced a number of projects such as the Inter-House Play competition, Senior School Arts Week, the Visual Art and Technology and Enterprise Exhibition, Dance Showcase and Arts Camp.  Many of these events offer students an opportunity to understand how all art forms are in some way connected.

The Arts form an essential element of the curriculum across all Year levels.  It is divided into four main areas: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.  In July 2016, work commenced on refurbishing the original gymnasium into the new, state-of-the-art James Nestor Performing Arts Centre, which was completed in March 2017.




Corpus Sport is about much more than winning.
We aim to be the best we can be.
We are an inclusive sporting community that celebrates diversity.
Corpus Sport aims to develop spirit, leadership, friendship, belonging, respect and commitment.
We believe in nurturing lifelong participation in sport through a balanced 'all round' program.