We have done our best to reduce the overall costs for books, stationery and digital subscriptions for our Parents.  
Teachers at Corpus Christi College endeavour to utilise online resources and Apps as much as possible, however, for some subjects (particularly WACE subjects) it is difficult to avoid.

Click on the links below to view required stationery for All Years

Click on the links below to view and order booklist items through Campion Online.

All orders must be completed online at using the below Order Codes,

Digital Subscriptions

Within the booklists above you will notice that there are certain subscriptions which are required to be purchased by parents.  These are used in conjunction with or as a substitute to a traditional textbook. These digital subscriptions are to be purchased through the Campion ordering portal.


Do you have more questions?

Please contact the LIBIT Helpdesk with the following details,


Phone: (08) 6332 2574