Corpus Christi College undertakes to actively encourage Aboriginal families wanting a Catholic education in the southern suburbs for their children to seek enrolment at Corpus Christi College.

The College is offering an Aboriginal Student Bursary because of our commitment to work with Aboriginal people to assist in providing broad career opportunities for young Aboriginal people. The quality of education and pastoral support offered at Corpus Christi College has had a profound impact on many graduates of the College, and has contributed to improved life choices. Continuing to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to interact positively within a Catholic school environment will also enhance the educational programme of the College.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must provide proof to be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

  • Consideration may be given to the financial status of the applicant and their family

  • The family and student are to have a strong desire for a Catholic education

  • The applicant should be willing to become involved in the College co-curricular activities in accordance with the ethos of Corpus Christi College

  • The student can enter the College at the commencement of any Year level, although the same conditions apply as if they were entering at Year 7 level. The completion of the Application Form is necessary for consideration

  • An additional interview with the Principal may be required to discuss the terms of the Bursary.

Details and Value of the student bursary

The Student Bursary covers the full cost of the annual tuition fees for the duration of a student’s schooling at Corpus Christi College, as long as the student’s performance is acceptable.

With regards to the details surrounding the awarding of an Aboriginal Student Bursary, please note:

  • It would be preferred that at least two Aboriginal Student Bursaries are provided at each Year level and are awarded at the commencement of Year 7, and expanding each year beyond that

  • Each Student Bursary will be awarded for a period of up to six (6) years, renewed on an annual basis and subject to a satisfactory review (see below)

  • The value of the Aboriginal Student Bursary shall be the full cost of the tuition fees

  • Parents with a Health Care Card should provide a copy with the Application Form

  • Parents would be expected to meet the costs of compulsory charges (e.g. building levy). A current fees schedule is provided to assist parents, listing all other compulsory charges.

In circumstances of continued bad behaviour or continued lack of effort in studies, the Student Bursary may be withdrawn. In such a case, parents/guardians will receive clear warnings. Each student’s academic progress and overall participation will be reviewed by the relevant Deputy Principal on behalf of the Principal, at the end of each semester, with an acknowledgement to the child’s parents or guardians.

Uniform and Books

The cost of uniforms and books are the responsibility of the parents/guardians. The College operates a new and second-hand clothing shop on-site.


Instrumental music tuition is not part of the Aboriginal Student Bursary as music tutors need to be paid in addition to class teachers. Instrumental music tuition is an additional item and is available at $64.00 per hour.

Student Support

Corpus Christi College understands Aboriginal students may experience some cultural isolation and may also require extra academic assistance. To make the transition easier for Aboriginal students, the following support mechanisms will be offered:

  1. Individual Assistance
    An appointed staff member, the Aboriginal Student Mentor will be made available for Aboriginal students at the College. This role may include liaising with staff to support the individual student, coordinating an Individualised Education Plan, if necessary, and provide a direct connection with the Aboriginal student’s parents or guardians. The main purpose of this staff member is to establish strong links among Aboriginal families, Aboriginal students and school staff.

  2. Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS)
    Under ITAS, Years 10, 11 and 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students are eligible for individual tutorial assistance. They may receive up to five hours of tuition per week. Application for assistance must be lodged with the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). The website is Forms may be obtained from DEST. Parents are reminded that applications for individual tutorial assistance need to be completed with the cooperation of teaching staff.

Selection Process

The Selection Panel will use the information supplied by the families of each applicant to award the Student Bursary.

Composition of the Selection Panel

  • Corpus Christi College Principal

  • Aboriginal Student Mentor

  • Aboriginal consultant (or similar) from the Catholic Education Office OR

  • A staff member representative from the College Pastoral Care Committee

  • A Parish Priest.

Consideration will be given to the gender balance of the selection panel.

Review Process

For each recipient, the following factors will be considered in reviewing the continuation of the Student Bursary, which is done on a semester basis:

  • Attendance

  • Compliance with the Standard Enrolment Agreement

  • Continuing to provide a positive image of Aboriginal people to the school community.

  • Circumstances of continued bad behaviour and/or continued lack of effort in studies.

Each Student Bursary is to be reviewed on an annual basis by the College Principal who may choose to consult the staff mentor and/or a member of the local Aboriginal community, as appropriate.

Feedback on the Student Bursary will be provided to each recipient and their family on an annual basis.

Application Form

In addition to the standard Corpus Christi College Application for Admission Form and relevant attachments e.g. school report etc. Aboriginal Student Bursary applicants are to complete the attached Application Form. No application fees will apply.


The Student Bursary Application Form must be returned to the Registrar by a negotiated date. Parents will then be notified of the interview process.