Transition Survey

The Transition Survey is an opportunity for you as a family to share information about your child that may assist the College in being able to better support your child’s needs.

Although we may be a large school, we like each student to know that they matter and are important to us and we give careful consideration to which house and homeroom they are allocated.

The information provided here will be used to allocate House, class and activity groupings to best cater for the skills and talents of your child. This information may be shared with your child's teachers, allowing them to adjust their teaching program to cater for your child's interests and learning needs.

The Pastoral information in this survey will be CONFIDENTIAL and will only be accessed by the Head of Year 7 and the Deputy of the Middle School.

We ask that you please complete this form by the 25 October 2019.

Please note: If your child has a sibling already enrolled at the College, you will be assigned a House based on your Siblings current house but this information will still assist in planning and pastoral care.