Mathematics Acceleration Program

In 2020, Corpus Christi College will be continuing our initiative to cater for the most able Year 7 Mathematics students.

The Mathematics Acceleration Program not only accelerates students in studying one year ahead of their current year group, it also develops critical thinking and allows them to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. Students will have several opportunities to participate in Mathematics competitions and excursions. Additionally, in Year 10 acceleration students will study Methods and Specialist units to fully prepare them to achieve at a high level of Mathematics ATAR.

 Students with a passion for and high ability in mathematics are invited to apply for entry into the Mathematics Acceleration Program. The testing is specifically designed to identify students that possess an appropriate base knowledge and are able to solve problems and cope with challenging Mathematics.

The “entrance” test is on Friday 8th November at the College. The testing will be conducted over three sessions (no other times will be available):

 Session One                8.30am to 9.45am

Session Two                11am to 12.15pm

Session Three             1.30pm to 2.45pm

Please note that there is a limit of 25 students per session. To register your interest in having your child sit the Mathematics Acceleration Program test, please register filling out the form below by 25 October 2019.

You will have the opportunity to explain why you should be considered for the Mathematics Acceleration Program and upload details of any recent mathematical awards. 

Further information concerning the specific details of the test will be made available after the close of registration. 

Register for Maths Acceleration Test