Walking the Path was the name given to the College Strategic Plan which was initially adopted in 2006. With the introduction of the system-wide Catholic Education Office School Review and Improvement Framework in 2010, it is appropriate that the College provides a plan that incorporates the very best strategic processes that will respond to the needs of our community.  This plan is, therefore, school based, learning centred and future oriented.

Students in 2019

Annual Report

The College Annual Report attempts to provide a succinct answer to the question, 'what do we stand for?'  The Report highlights various aspects of the whole educational program including the academic programs and accompanying activities, the rich and varied learning environments, and the extra-curricular experiences offered to the students.

My School

MySchool enables you to search the profiles of almost 10,000 Australian schools.  You can quickly locate statistical and contextual information about schools in your community and compare them with statistically similar schools across the country.