Try a Trade

TryATradeRecently, a group of students involved in the Headstart programme participated in a Try a Trade excursion.

The boys were great, well-behaved and well-mannered. They soon got into the swing of things with their first project, Thor’s hammer!

One student, who shall be nameless, stated "how could you have done this for so long Mr Connery". I think the reality of working life is starting to sink in!!!

This excursion is a great opportunity to “taste” some trades and reflect if they are for the individual. If they are not that is as good as knowing what you want to do.

Of particular note today was the way the boys worked with each other. Helping and guiding, demonstrating and advising. This was a wonderful unexpected product of the days activities.

I am very proud to be with these boys as they experience and grow in this environment.

Kind regards,

Scott Connery