The Arts

Corpus Dance at Catholic Performing Arts

On Wednesday the 16th of August, 91 Corpus students performed in the Dance section of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The students have been working on these dance items since the beginning of Term 2 and have dedicated their time and talents to various early morning, weekend and holiday rehearsals.

Corpus Dance Company

After winning the coveted Shield for Secondary Dance at last year’s festival, we have high hopes for this year’s Dance Company. The 82 dancers performed the original dance work ‘Let Them Eat Cake’, choreographed by Caroline Fuhr and Lauchlan Bain. The dance work is a narrative which explores the fickle nature of fame and was inspired by Marie Antoinette, Lady Gaga and Madonna. Clad in neon stockings, Gaga inspired dresses and white ruffled shirts, the dancers created a visual spectacle that was well received by the adjudicators: ‘What a dramatic impact your huge cast had. Clear storytelling through your opening song. Lady Marie (Vivianne Moreno-Sanchez) was very commanding.’

Corpus Collective

Our elite group of talented dancers from Years 7-12 performed the original dance work ‘Move’ choreographed by Lauchlan Bain and Nicki Tarling. ‘Move’ is an abstract exploration of our very human need to keep moving in order to ‘strive, thrive and survive.’  It was a physically demanding work that challenged the dancer’s endurance as well as technique. The adjudicators were very impressed by the piece: ‘The flow of your movement was highly effective and choreographically clever. Great use of space and using the stage to its full potential. Overall, you really held our attention.’

Boyz Dance Crew

This was the first year that our Boyz Dance Crew has performed as part of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and congratulations must go to the boys for their enthusiasm and courage in the face of what was a new experience for most of them. They performed the original dance work ‘Be A Man!’ choreographed by Lauchlan Bain. This work explores the questions: What does it take to be a man, why do you have to be a man and why does no-one want to tell you how to do it? The boys were a crowd favourite, getting many cheers from both the audience and the other dancers backstage. The adjudicators were similarly heartened by their performance: ‘Lovely commitment and enthusiasm and great to see such a sense of support and teamwork – morale looks high. It’s truly heart-warming to see your enjoyment of dance.’

Well done to all dancers involved. Your commitment and talent is a continual inspiration to us all. Thanks must also go to the parents and families of the dancers for their ongoing support of Dance at the College.

Caroline Fuhr

Dance Co-Ordinator

Year 7 Drama - Ancient Greek Masks

In Ancient Greek Theatre masks played a vital role in characterisation and performance.

Illustrations of theatrical masks from 5th century display helmet-like mask, covering the entire face and head, with holes for the eyes and a small aperture for the mouth, as well as an integrated wig. It is interesting to note that these paintings never show actual masks on the actors in performance; they are most often shown being handled by the actors before or after a performance, that liminal space between the audience and the stage, between myth and reality. 

This demonstrates the way in which the mask was to ‘melt’ into the face and allow the actor to vanish into the role. Effectively, the mask transformed the actor as much as memorisation of the text. Therefore, performance in ancient Greece did not distinguish the masked actor from the theatrical character.

Today in Year 7 Drama the students created and decorated their own Ancient Greek Masks, looking at simple designs as a starting point and discussing the effective use of masks in this traditional theatre style.


'Defining Moments' - Dance Open Evening 2017

On Wednesday 22 June the College Dance Team hosted Defining Moments’ , the Dance Open Evening for 2017. This was a rare opportunity to showcase our new Performing Arts space to the families and friends of the dance students who have the pleasure of using it on a day-to-day basis.

‘Defining Moments’ was an exciting new format for our annual College Dance Performance that invited the College community into the Dance classroom for an intimate look behind the scenes. In traditional dance performances, the audience sees only the finished product: the glitter, the lights and the smiles of the performers. The audience doesn’t get to see the preparation that goes into this final product – neither the countless hours students dedicate to improving their dance technique in class, nor the slow rehearsal process as students collaborate to create and learn the dances for performance. This is the process and development that we want to share with our Dance families and the College community as a whole.

‘Defining Moments’ is not designed as a polished performance, but instead it is an intimate and raw look at Dance at the College. The first part of the evening was presented in an ‘open day’ style where guests had the opportunity to see students actively learning new skills and discuss their experience of Dance at the College. 

Between Dance Teachers, Ms Fuhr and Mr Bain, they focussed on Contemporary and Jazz techniques, additionally, Mr Pidd guided those interested in fitness warm ups and the safe use of fitness equipment.

In the Art Foyer, guests could read about some of the theoretical work to dance, look at stunning costumes and photography from previous dance shows and listen to video interviews from students, discussing their experiences and philosophies of dance.



Our young artists do it again!

Congratulations to the 2017 Atwell Youth Award winners! Corpus students entered 5 categories and managed to achieve an award in each category. An exceptional feat!

The Atwell Gallery in Applecross is a great supporter of the artistic endeavours of young people. For the past 15 years the gallery has provided students from different schools across the metropolitan area an opportunity to showcase artwork to the general public. This provides students with an outside audience, which is a valuable experience for emerging artists! Viewing the variety of exceptionally high standard artworks exhibited is always a marvellous experience.

Once again, the College received commendable acknowledgements for the artwork of some of our students. Judges commented on the contrast shown in each of the artworks, stating they were truly amazing. The traditional use of drawing media was absolutely breathtaking and the young artists were commended for the high degree of skill achieved, particularly in relation to the large-scale works.

As a College, we are very proud to announce the following awards winners.

Year 12 Rachel Raphael: Highly Commended Medium Pencil drawing. Title ‘Jalan Penang’
Year 11 Tyler Sandon: Winner First Prize: Medium Pencil drawing. Title ‘More than meets the Eye’
Year 10 Amy Riordan: Medium Ceramic sculpture. Title ‘Contemplation’
Year 7 Mark Parker:  Medium painting. Title ‘Preador comic’

Year 7 Group work –  Medium Polystyrene.  Title ‘Homage to Oldenburg’

  1. Zoee Cokcetin
  2. Hudson Craig-Power
  3. Molly Dawkins
  4. Erin Doherty
  5. Harry Dunleavy
  6. Zak Grbelja
  7. May Hopwood
  8. Abriam Kalaiarasan
  9. Hugh Livingston
  10. Lucas Maghiar
  11. Maisy Metcalfe-Gibson
  12. Tia Monument
  13. Erin Peters
  14. Sinead Rego
  15. Claudia Werch

Instrumental and Vocal Music Tuition

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to let you know that we are now accepting enrolments for Instrumental and Vocal Music tuition in Term Three.

If you would like to learn any instrument, please look on the Community Portal under 'Instrumental Music Program Portal'.  There you will find an information brochure, enrolment form and details of our instrumental tutors.  Please let Mrs Michelle Hunt the Arts Administrator know of your wishes and we will enrol your son/daughter at the earliest opportunity.  Forms can also be collected from the Art's Office.

May I also encourage all Corpus Students with an interest in Music to participate in the College Music program.  We run 4 choirs and 15 music ensembles representing music of all kinds, and for all levels of expertise. We also run a Rock School and extra Music Theory classes. Please note that at present only 3 of the 19 music groups are auditioned. Details can be found on the Community Portal (under 'Instrumental Music Program Portal'), or from Mrs Hunt or the Head of Music, Mr Harries.

We will be taking on all-comers at the Catholic Performing Arts (August) - please join up before it's too late, and let's show them what we can do!!!

If you are currently enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled for Term 3.

Michelle Hunt
Arts Administrator

Year 11 Budding Artists

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 10.01.58 am.png

The Year 11 ATAR Art class are currently working on a colour pencil drawing where they have to interpret 'differences'.  

From surrealistic desert landscapes to lush foliage and warped bodies, the class have really embraced the brief and are producing some intriguing artworks.

Later in the year, the Visual Arts and Technology & Enterprise Learning Areas will be combining efforts in the 2017 exhibition, 'Kaleidescope' -  A Celebration of Colour and Light...


Metamorphosis - Year 10 Drama

On the 2nd of June, the Year 10 Drama class performed their own adaptation of Steven Berkoff's 'Metamorphosis'. Prior to the performance, each student researched a drama practitioner and were then placed into groups with people who had researched different practitioners. This enabled them to draw on all five practitioners in creating their scenes and as a result, the group performances were inspired by the likes of Steven Berkoff, Jacques Lecoq, Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski and Bertold Brecht. 

Drama as a subject is a great way to widen one's creative boundaries. Through the process of preparing and performing the play, the Drama class built on their communication and interpersonal skills in working with others and creating their unique compositions. Drama is a great way to work on effective communication skills as it is used and worked on constantly.

The Drama course that Mr Dove has been working on has been beneficial in teaching students the different aspects of drama. They have worked on developing and exploring skills such as proxemics, tension and status, improvisation, developing characters, writing a script, performing a scene, researching styles of theatre, and performing and adapting text from a play.

The overall feedback from the night was very positive and the parents and students who came really enjoyed the show. It was the inaugural performance in the brand new James Nestor Performing Arts Centre, and even though the performers were all still getting used to the space, the performance ran smoothly and everything went well.

There is no doubt that there will be many more amazing performances in the James Nestor Performing Arts Centre!

Annabel Biscotto (Year 10)

"One Street from Happiness"

'One street from happiness' is an exhibition of experimental prints and paintings by urban artist and Corpus Christi Art Technician Trevor Bly, teaming up with another local artist Patrick Doherty.

The artworks explore ideas of locality, identity, spirituality and historical conflict.

Trevor and Patrick have been working together for more than 10 years, bringing together the worlds of graffiti subculture and contemporary art.  Their attempts to merge two distinct practices, styles and approaches led to an examination of home and how identity is informed by place and space.

Trevor joined the Corpus Community in 2017 and his wealth of experience and art practice has been a huge asset to both the staff and students within the Visual Arts dept.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit: