Proposed Cambodia Immersion 2016


Proposed Immersion to Cambodia: 25 September-4 October 2016

As a Catholic community we are called to live out the teachings of the Gospel. Part of our evangelisation mission is to touch people's minds, hearts and lives with the saving, healing and liberating Good News of Jesus Christ who came to serve others. Therefore when we see a need, we are called to act.

Corpus Christi College staff has established a relationship with Catholic and Non­Government Organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia to help such people in need. To further develop this relationship, we would like to give students and parents an opportunity to be involved in this challenging experience together.

The College staff has participated in two previous successful immersions to Cambodia, both in 2013 and 2104. It is now proposed to expand this opportunity to Year 10 students and their parents in September 2016 ( during Term Three school holidays). Being a parent/student immersion, this means that for every child who wishes to attend, they need to be accompanied by a parent.

The Immersion will involve house building, visiting Missionaries of Charities' homes, and other Non-Government Organisations such as Green Gecko and Husk.

Click HERE for the information pack and details of the proposed immersion.

To view the video package from the previous Cambodian Immersion, click HERE