Learning Support

The aim of the Centre is to equip students for a more independent life,

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The Learning Centre coordinates information on students with diagnosed learning difficulties and non-diagnosed learning challenges in the mainstream programme. Meeting diverse learning needs of students at Corpus Christi College is achieved with the effective support of the Learning Centre, which has specialist staff focused on providing programmes and extra support to students, ensuring they all reach their full learning potential. The Learning Centre has been recognised for its inclusive model with practitioners from nearby universities visiting the Centre to observe its programmes.

The Learning Centre has two classrooms and is situated above Student Services. The Centre has an open door policy for staff to access support, students to book appointments and parents and the community to access information. It runs on a referral process and an appointment system for students to book small group instruction and support times in all areas of their curriculum. This encourages students to book their own appointments and take responsibility for their own learning needs. The Learning Centre develops ‘learner profiles’ of students with parents and stakeholders, and from these profiles, creates plans and programmes to support a student through their learning journey.

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The Learning Centre runs one course in Middle School for students with a learning difficulty. The aim is to support independent learning for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to prepare them for the appropriate Senior School pathway.The course is called iLAN catering for students in Years 7 and 8, and iCulture for students in Year 9.

This course is an Intensive Literacy and Numeracy Programme for Years 7 and 8 where students are invited by the Director of Learning Support to enrol in this course instead of a second language. The Year Nine iCulture class is a follow on from iLAN supporting students with study skills, numeracy and writing their Personal Project. Examples include, studying Mental Mathematics and basic numeracy skills, as well as consolidation of the topic learnt in class that week; sessions for literacy and organisational support; and a study programme with vocabulary lists, revision sheets and scaffolded support for topics the students are studying in Middle School.


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The Director of Learning Support coordinates Teaching and Learning Adjustment Plans and specific strategies for students in the College, and the Numeracy Support Coordinator supports students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

A number of teachers across different learning areas make up the literacy support. They assist with modifying tests, assessments and provide small group instruction and organisation in English, Science, Religious Education and Humanities for students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The Centre also has Learning Assistants attached to each Year group in Middle School who support students in the classroom. These Assistants work with small groups, implementing spelling and reading programmes, as well as supporting staff by collecting data to track student’s progress over their schooling at the College. The Team works closely with the College Counsellor, Learning Areas, Careers Advisor, Heads of Year and the Education Support Centre in promoting a team approach for inclusive practices in Middle School.


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The Education Support Centre is a hive of activity and learning, with a dedicated and caring staff that inspire their students to be the best they can be as they move from adolescence to adulthood.

Set in a purpose built centre within the grounds of the College, the Centre caters for 40 students. These students follow an individualised educational programme and enjoy a myriad of experiences across all years, moving towards more vocational opportunities in the senior years for many of the students.

The aim of the Centre is to equip students for a more independent life, ensuring they have the skills to function in a work place environment, and to help each student achieve their personal best within their individualised learning plans.

Parents who wish to know more about the learning programme afforded students in the Education Support Centre are encouraged to contact the Head of Education Support at the College for further details.

Prospective parents of Education Support students may click on the following link to access the Education Support Parent Handbook. Click HERE to access.

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If you are interested in making an Application for Enrolment to the Corpus Christi College Education Support Centre please use the official Application for Admission form – Admissions Form

The Enrolment Policy is the guiding principle for admission. However, it is important the College is aware of the specialised needs to your child by including the necessary documentation and/or a covering letter, with your application.

A separate application form is required for each child.

Please submit the application form to the College with a non-refundable application fee of $100.00 per family. This fee covers administrative expenses and must be paid before the applicant can be placed on file.
Receipt of the application form is NOT an indication of a successful application.


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Most students are drawn from the parishes of Bateman, Brentwood, Willetton, Applecross, Riverton and Canning Vale. The College does accept applications outside of these areas, however, as there are more applicants than can be accommodated only a small number of students from other parishes are accepted.

For a student to be enrolled into Corpus Christi College the following criteria must be met:

Catholic Applicants

  • The family of an applicant will be a bona fide parishioner of a Catholic parish. A current parish reference must be furnished upon request.
  • The family of an applicant will demonstrate some involvement in the life of the applicant’s current school.
  • The family of the applicant will agree to support the College Board and the staff in their efforts to ensure the best possible education for all students enrolled.

Non-Catholic Applicants

  • The family of the applicant will fully support the Catholic ethos, practices and traditions of the College.
  • The family of the applicant will demonstrate some involvement in the life of the applicant’s current school.
  • The family of the applicant will agree to support the College Board and the staff in their efforts to ensure the best possible education for all students enrolled.


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  • Prior to the due date of entry, parents and applicant child will be required to attend an interview.
  • Prior to interview, relevant documentation which will include a current (within the last two years) psychological assessment and/or comprehensive medical reports must be provided to the College.
  • Following the interviews, offers of places are made in writing.
  • Acceptance of these offers is formalised by completing a Confirmation of Enrolment Form and returning it to the College with the established enrolment fee. This amount is deducted from the first account raised.
  • Enrolment in the Education Support Unit will NOT guarantee the future enrolment of siblings.