iTunesU Shared Project: St Mary’s College Broome and Corpus Christi College

The joint partnership between Corpus Christi College and St Mary’s College Broome has been developing for some time. With the Years 11 and 12 students of St Mary’s seeking assistance with their ATAR courses, and with Mr Hagen’s connection with the their College as former Deputy, saw both Mr Hagen and Mr David Moyle our Technical Administrator fly to Broome last week in order to share online resources with St Mary’s.

What has been organised and made possible is unique in the Catholic system. It is not easy to put ideas of this scale into real, worthwhile action. As such, conversations and rhetoric are a recurring theme, and the idea of supporting schools in regional and remote areas, especially in the Kimberley, can lead to very little if any outcomes. This initiative from Corpus Christi College is about truly being One Body.

This supportive partnership to share our resources, ICT skills and initiatives to students in remote locations, today sees the students in Broome with access to a number of courses they would otherwise not be exposed to. Having donated some older model iPads and setting up senior teachers and their classes to enroll in many of our WACE course iTunesU classes, Mr Hagen led workshops for staff, followed by students to ensure the success of this programme. Resources may now be shared between the teachers in both schools. This training was ably supported by Mr Moyle who also solved a myriad of ICT issues for St Mary’s and did so with energy, grace and dedication, giving of his best for these students and their college.

It is a wonderful opportunity for cooperation, collaboration and sharing benefitting all students. The manner in which the students and staff participated, and took up the challenge and achieved competency has been amazing. We look forward to keeping the College community abreast of developments as we continue to look at ways to further support St Mary's College, Broome.