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Corpus Christi College provides a modern, exciting and forward thinking education. We are a College nurturing confidence, compassion and personal excellence in our students and since 1983, we have developed an excellent reputation in our academic results, on the Sporting field and in Arts and cultural performance. We are a proud Catholic provider of an all round and excellent education for boys and girls in Years 7 to 12.

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Corpus Christi College provides a modern, exciting and forward thinking education. We are a College nurturing confidence,

We have arrived at a time in the College’s journey where we are correctly postured in ICT in terms of leadership and technology. Our collective commitment to learning has been the essential ingredient for success in developing our College as an outstanding digital school environment, one which has seen significant shifts in the way teachers work together within subject departments, and across various learning areas. Our hardware, network and support services are second to none in Catholic Education in Western Australia.

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Building a learning environment where leaders and teachers learn together in a culture of respect, trust and collective commitment to learning was the first essential ingredient for success in forming an outstanding digital school environment, one which saw significant shifts in the way teachers worked together within subject departments, and across various learning areas.

There were other essential ingredients to Corpus Christi College’s learning journey in the past two years. Appointing the ‘right’ educational leader to drive this strategic focus, someone with the reputation as a highly accomplished teacher, a well-respected leader with a strong personal vision aligned to College goals. Trevor Galbraith was able to assist Caroline Payne, Principal to develop a strategic focus that saw the College implement a daring new plan. Leaders were then encouraged to be honest, tell the truth about what didn’t work at teaching and learning meetings, and to celebrate their successes.


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Forming strategic partnerships one of which was Apple and moving towards a service oriented approach of ICT support for all community members resulted in a restructure of our ICT Service Team. Appointing former students, training students to provide in class support to teachers and fellow students at the ICT Service desk, assisted us to implement our 1:1 initiatives.

With technology becoming more powerful and easier to use and integrate, there has been a renewed focus on pedagogy. The use of the technologies has forced teachers to change the way they operate – the notion of a flipped classroom is one example trialed by a group of early adopters at the College.

The challenge for the Principal was to allow herself to be ‘disturbed’, be courageous enough to ‘lose sight of land’ in order to find the gems that are hidden, to trust teachers to search for new ways of navigating learning with their students.

To do so, of course, is to model twenty-first century learning!


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IMG_0949Students now expand their horizons beyond the information provided by a subject teacher and a textbook. Yet, they still need the wisdom and support of their teachers who are creating new learning objects designed on the essential twenty first century learning skill, learning how to learn.

Sharing knowledge, expertise and ideas with other schools in the region, leading working parties in the Catholic system, presenting at many conferences, inviting visitors from schools from across the nation and the globe, and conversely, visiting schools and attending high level international conferences, have all been part of the rich fabric of our commitment to an organic development for our vision for learning. Parents discuss new, smaller school backpacks, how textbooks will now be levied, and trial new initiatives in partnership with the College Leadership Team. Our students have learned about the value of becoming good digital citizens, about staying safe in a cyber world. At Parent Forums and Information evenings we raised the importance of parents managing their children’s internet time and developing ‘At home Internet Contracts’; in developing a Social Media Policy and Code of Ethics, involvement of parents, students and staff was critical, creating an online system of students reporting cyber issues called ‘Corpus Concerns’.

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