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Dear Parents

The Corpus Christi College Community Centre was blessed by Fr Jeronimo and opened by CEO Executive Director Dr Tim McDonald last Friday, on the day we celebrate Corpus Christi Day. The students were impeccably well-mannered and respectful during Mass, and celebrated the day with much gusto! I will report on funds raised in the next copy of the e-News.


With the opening of the Community Centre now concluded, we are well underway planning for the Performing Arts Centre, which will house large Drama and Dance workshops, a Rehearsal studio, refurbished Music practice rooms, and an open learning area, all located in the old gymnasium, a project to be completed by early Term One 2017. The current James Nestor Auditorium will accommodate Music facilities amongst other plans we have for this space. Planning is also underway for a 400 seat theatre to be built on the northern side of the old gymnasium. This will necessitate the building of a staff car park and a shed in an alternative location. More details will be forthcoming in future newsletters.

Artworks at Corpus

We continue to purchase artwork for the College and it would be remiss if I didn’t recognise the Visual Arts department – Ms Gaby Fabris, Mrs Julie Pannell and Mrs Katie-Anne Kennedy s efforts - in producing beautiful Corpus crosses and advising me on the ongoing development of art through the College grounds and buildings.


We continue to purchase art works for the College. Most recently, two icons (2D ancient formed religious paintings) were purchased from the artist Angela King, one on the Pieta (depicting the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus) which will be located in the Chapel, the other a group of two Icons entitled the annunciation to be located in the Sadler Centre.

One couldn t help but notice the artwork which forms part of the Community Centre. This is a local government requirement for all building projects. In the Melville City Precinct where the cost of development exceeds $1 million, we are required to provide public art to the value of 1% of the cost of development.

The objectives of the public artwork is to:

  • Contribute to a sense of place through the provision of public art which provides an interpretation and expression of the local area’s natural, physical, cultural and social values
  • Enhance public enjoyment and understanding of places through the integration of art into developments
  • Add to the appearance, vibrancy, character and amenity of developments and their surrounding environment
  • Create local landmarks
  • Provide increased public exposure to, and understanding of, public art.

Public Art is a work that is created by an artist and is sited in a visually accessible public location. There are special requirements regarding the artists, such as they have to be a person who has a Bachelor s Degree or Diploma in visual arts or any similar field; earn more than 50% of their income from art related activities; and have a history of exhibiting their own original artwork at reputable art galleries, for an instance.

After an extensive search for an accomplished artist to provide the artwork for Corpus Christi College, Gaby and Julie recommended some of the work exhibited by local artists, including Jason Hirst s artwork which can be seen throughout WA, including Perth s new children s hospital, Community Centres at the City of Stirling and Roebourne, Karratha Leisure Centre, and various schools such as Christchurch Grammar School, Canning Vale College and Comet Bay College.

Jason has produced a vibrant and youthful piece of art which reflects our College ethos, our connectedness in community through the House system and through sport. A lovely new task for the induction of Year 7s – connecting the House crests with their mottos, reflected on both sides of the sculpture.

Staff and Student matters

As Mrs Kathy Davey will be on leave from next Friday 24 June until Friday 29 July, I wish to notify the community that Mrs Terri Seers will be the Acting Head of Vocation and Transition Services for this period of time, whilst still conducting her duties as the Workplace Learning Coordinator.

There are a number of changes to the Year 10 Curriculum offerings for 2017 as a result of the implementation of the WA Curriculum by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). Parents of current Year 9 students would be aware that we have postponed the Year 10 2017 Parent Information Evening until our programme has been finalised.

There are changes to the WACE ATAR and General Course rules implemented fully in 2016 which were covered at the various Parent Information Evenings last year and in Term One, 2016. Students cannot easily change from one semester to another, making course selection at Year 11 an important decision which should be final for the majority of students. Grades received in Semester One of Year 10 are of heightened performance. My heart sinks when I see students struggling at Year 11 level and who cannot change subjects because it is simply too late.

I urge parents to ensure they attend the subject selection evenings coming up.

Finally, the Year 11 Dinner Dance is being held at the Fremantle Sailing Club next week. I look forward to seeing our students looking quite resplendent, enjoying each other’s company on the evening.

Best wishes and God bless.

Mrs Caroline


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[accordion_item title="Acknowledgement of Academic Excellence Program Students" accordion="accordion"]

This week during Year Assemblies we acknowledged all students who have been identified as academically able.

At the beginning of the year, students with high ability were identified using subjective and objective measures. These included, general ability tests, student performance, teacher and parent nominations.

Approximately 10% of students were identified as academically able and were selected to take part in the Academic Excellence Program. All new students were presented with a badge.

Below is a list of all Year 7-9 members of the Academic Excellence Program:



[accordion_item title="Academic Excellence Extension Program – Sociology" accordion="accordion"]

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.13.47 pm
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.13.47 pm

Annabel Biscotto and I have had an extraordinary insight into the sociological reasoning behind ordinary decision-making, specifically in teenagers.

We are in the midst of conducting a sociology experiment, tested on our fellow students, in which we hypothesised the following statement: Middle school females are most likely to return a dropped coin. This experiment includes dropping a coin on the floor and analysing who either picks it up, keeps it or ignores it. The results are interesting. We have had the pleasure of being mentored by Bethia, who is a 3rd year Law student at Murdoch, and is a Student Ambassador. She has assisted us with various aspects of our project, specifically the research component. She has been an amazing help to us and has given us aid, assistance and tips to allow our project to achieve its maximum capability.

We plan to create a website and a report to display our findings, and we look forward to the final outcome of our project!

By Tiana Inman – Year 9


[accordion_item title="Year 9 to 10 Parent Information Evening Postponed" accordion="accordion"]

Dear parents,

There was previously a Year 9 to 10 parent information evening on the calendar for Wednesday 29 June.

This evening outlines the subject selection process for Year 10 and allows parents to gather information on Year 10 subjects for the following Year.

In order to accommodate the requirements of the new West Australian Curriculum, the College is currently reviewing it’s Year 10 timetable structure and course offerings. Therefore the Year 9 to 10 parent information evening has been postponed till Term Three.

A new date will be advised via email and in subsequent editions of the e-news.


[accordion_item title="Student Art Success" accordion="accordion"]


Julie Pannell

Art Teacher

Annabel Biscotto has won the Year 9 Award at 2016 Attwell Art Gallery Awards.

With a focus on the Reflection attribute from The Corpus Christi College Learner Profile, students had to create innovative solutions to construction problems of 3D forms.

Annabel looked at the Fauvist artist, Henri Matisse and the abstraction and simplification of forms. Annabel s artwork used recycled cardboard to create a 3D mask of a character from Hairspray the musical. The project was extended to create a Tableau Vivant of the mask being worn. The result is a highly innovative and creative approach to art and design.

More Award winners and their respective prizes are listed in Corpus General News.


[accordion_item title="The Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment 2016" accordion="accordion"]

At the request of the Western Australian Bishops, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 9 students in Catholic schools across Western Australia will take part in The Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment (BRLA) from the week commencing Monday 25 July. For Year 9 students at Corpus Christi, the BRLA will be held on the morning of 27 July. The assessment will be accessible to students only online.

The Nature and Role of the BRLA

The Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment is a large-scale, standardised assessment program that consists of a series of Religious Education (RE) assessments. The purpose of the BRLA is to measure student learning of the content in the RE curriculum. The test items in the BRLA are developed and mostly marked by the Office of Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA). Formal school and student reports are produced by the CEWA for students in Year 5 and Year 9.

The BRLA provides a point in time snapshot of student performance in RE. Students knowledge and understanding of the content of the RE curriculum is assessed using a combination of multiple choice, short and extended response items. Students faith is not assessed. The use of the BRLA complements the school based assessment programs in RE.

Please contact your child s teacher if you have any inquiries regarding the administration of The Bishops Religious Literacy Assessment 2016.



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[accordion_item title="Outstanding Items" accordion="accordion"]

As we head towards the end of semester there are a number of events and important events which will occur over the last two weeks.

The Senior School Head of Year team is currently spending a lot of time chasing up documentation and permission slips for these major events which unfortunately is time taken away from their primary role of providing outstanding pastoral care programs and structures for their students.

Please assist your child by making sure they have completed or handed in all of the following to the relevant Head of Year.


Year 10 retreat forms and permission slips

Year 11 Christian Service Hours and Logbooks

Year 11 Dinner dance forms.

Due next week

Year 12 WACE student online declaration.

Year 11 Retreat forms


[accordion_item title="Year 10-11 Subject Expo" accordion="accordion"]

Students commencing Year 11 in 2016 are beginning a journey which will take them beyond school to work or one of a range of post school tertiary destinations. The subjects a student chooses in Year 11 are intended to be studied over a two year period and will help direct them towards on of these destinations.

A reminder that the Year 10-11 subject selection handbook is available on the Year 10 portal for both parents and students. Students should currently be considering their subject options and formulating any questions they wish to ask their teachers.

On Wednesday 29 June, we will hold our Year 10-11 subject expo in the David Heath Centre (Old College Gymnasium) . Students will be given the opportunity during a pastoral care period to visit the expo and ask questions of the the staff in each department regarding subject selection for Year 11. I will also be presenting to parents on WACE requirements, generating an ATAR, VET courses and the subject selection process.

The expo will open to parents from 6 to 7pm that evening. Parents are encouraged to attend to see for themselves the subject offerings and pathways offered in Year 11 and ask any questions of the relevant Heads of Learning Area who will all be in attendance.

The expo will conclude with a presentation on the transition from Year 10 to 11 at 7pm in the College Hall.

The Heads of Learning area, Mr Scali and I look forward to speaking with you on the evening.

Jean-Paul Papineau

Acting Deputy Principal Senior School


[accordion_item title="Year 9 to 10 Parent Information Evening Postponed" accordion="accordion"]

Dear parents,

There was previously a Year 9 to 10 parent information evening on the calendar for Wednesday 29 June.

This evening outlines the subject selection process for Year 10 and allows parents to gather information on Year 10 subjects for the following Year.

In order to accommodate the requirements of the new West Australian Curriculum, the College is currently reviewing it’s Year 10 timetable structure and course offerings. Therefore the Year 9 to 10 parent information evening has been postponed till Term Three.

A new date will be advised via email and in subsequent editions of the e-news.



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[accordion_item title="Catch Up Photos tomorrow!" accordion="accordion"]

All students who have missed out on having their photos taken in the two previous photo days, tomorrow is your last opportunity.

Photographers will be available from 8.30 am, so students need to follow the schedule below to ensure they have their photo taken at the correct time. If the proposed times below do not suit, please go at a different time, but all students are to sign in to the class prior to having their photo taken.

All students are to wear their full winter uniform. A list of who has not received their photo is below.

Year 7/8 - Period 1 - 8.40am - 9.33am

Year 9/10 - Period 2 - 9.33am - 10.28am

Staff - Recess

Years 11/12 - Period 3 - 11.03am -11.56am

Corpus Communications



[accordion_item title="Cambodia Immersion Programme fundraising" accordion="accordion"]

With 34 confirmed participants in the 2016 Cambodia Immersion Programme, we are working hard to fundraise and plan for the trip. With a great mix of students, parents and staff, the group has been working hard on a number of fundraising events: car wash (raising $1138), staff raffles ($1200) and the Mother s Day High Tea ($2300). This awesome effort cannot happen without the kind donations, time, food and help offered by the Corpus community, and we cannot thank enough all who have assisted.

This Term sees the introduction of the wine fundraiser with Swings and Roundabouts, and also the Pasta fundraiser. We continue with our roasting forks fundraising, an absolute bargain for a quality product, prices have been reduced, this is a stainless steal! Please visit the info below and help us maintain our fundraising progress for our Immersion Programme:



[divider style="divider5" backtotop="no" top_margin="5" bottom_margin="5"]


The Lenzarini Bros from Golden Ravioli, Romany House in Fitzgerald Street Perth have kindly accepted to assist in our fundraising efforts towards the Cambodian Immersion. In the 1950 s four Italian brothers set out on a journey: a journey that would take them away from their homeland to a new home, Australia. The brothers opened the now famous Romany Restaurant in 1958 and in 1964 introduced their own range of pasta to the public of Perth, and so, Golden Ravioli was born!


[divider style="divider5" backtotop="no" top_margin="5" bottom_margin="5"]


You, your family and friends are invited to a private screening of the stunning film, me before you. as a fundraising initiative for the Cambodian Immersion 2016.


For tickets, please purchase from Reception from Ms Crane, or email wquint@corpus.wa.edu.au

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4) ROASTING FORKS Fundraiser


Parents, these forks make for a wonderful gift and are of absolutely high quality. Please place your correct money (Cash) in an envelope and deliver it to front reception and you can collect your forks. Any queries, please contact communications@corpus.wa.edu.au THESE HAVE BEEN REDUCED, an absolute Stainless Steal $5.00 each!!!!!!!

[divider style="divider5" backtotop="no" top_margin="5" bottom_margin="5"]

Please enjoy seeing the photos from both the Car Wash and the High Tea.



[accordion_item title="ACC Cross Country Report" accordion="accordion"]


On Thursday 2 June one hundred of Corpus finest runners travelled to Perry Lakes Reserve to compete at the ACC Cross Country Carnival. There were 60 schools competing bringing over 3,500 competitors together in the largest meet of of it s type in the State. Corpus runners revelled in the near perfect conditions, consistently performing above and beyond expectation.

As the girls age category results were read during presentations we began to realise that our performance goal of a top 5 finish, in the Overall Combined rankings, was a real possibility. Imagine our elation when it was announced that Corpus finished second in the Overall Combined Aggregate and 1st in the Girls Aggregate. Not since the early 1990 s had Corpus enjoyed this level of success. The coaches were extremely proud of the positive attitude and willingness of our athletes to push outside their comfort zone.

Highlights included:

2nd in the U13 Girls

5th in the U13 Boys

Equal 1st in the U14 Girls

6th in the U15 Girls

2nd in the U16 Girls

1st in the U19 Girls

1st in the Overall Girls

6th in the Overall Boys

2nd in the Overall Combined Aggregate

Thanks once again to our dedicated team of running coaches, especially Mr Reno Sinagra, Mr Chris Pietroniro, Mr Kurt Wesley, Ms Cara Wright, and Mr Mark Green. It is their shared passion for running that retains our athletes and keeps them striving for personal bests.

Outstanding individual performances:



Kayla van Der Linden - U/13G 3rd

Taylor Kroyer - U/14G 3rd

Brooke McCoy - U/19G 4th

Sienna Andritsos - U/15G 15th

Jen Delpup - U/19G 15th

Holly van Der Linden - U/15G 16th

Jade Patching - U/15G 17th

Amelia Swan - U/16G 18th

Kayla Weekes - U/16G 21st

Andrea Fernandez - U/14G 21st

Lindsey Fowles - U/16G 25th

Carly Pizzuto - U/13G 26th

Aleisha Wesley - U/19G 27th

Lucy Weekes - U/19G 36th

Sophie Jones - U/14G 46th

Claire James - U/19G 46th


Harry Cormack - U/15B 4th

Cade Ravlich - U/13B 5th

Cam Jones - U/19B 23rd

Levi Burns - U/16B 25th

Thomas Glyde - U/19B 33rd

Casey Scott - U/14B 34th

Jaren Carr - U/13B 37th

Matthew Wesley - U/14B 49th

Jacob Barham - U/19B 50th

Taj Pirrotina - U/16B 50th


Considering there were around 400 runners in each of these races – these are sensational performances!

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been named in the ACC All Star Cross Country Team for 2016

Kayla Van der Linden - Year 7

Cade Ravlich - Year 7

Taylor Kroyer - Year 8

Harry Cormack - Year 9

Brooke McCoy - Year 11

Congratulations also to Brendan Tan Year 10 who came 2nd in the Inclusive Event.

We look forward now to Athletics and encourage all cross athletes to compete in the middles distance events at the inter-house in Term Three with a view to representing again at the ACC Athletics Carnival to be held at the State Athletics Centre on Wed 14 September 2016.

Results from the ACC Cross Country Carnival are now available on the ACC web site www.accsport.asn.au Carnival – Cross Country


Individual results can be accessed on the BlueChip results web page


There is also a download link for an Excel file which has a summary of all team points results and raw results for all events.


James Howard (Sports Coordinator)


[accordion_item title="General Arts News" accordion="accordion"]


20th June - Music Night

25th June - 3rd July - New Zealand Music Tour

21st July - Our Land People Stories - Drama Excursion

25th July - 31st August - Catholic Performing Arts Festival

12th August - The Caucasian Chalk Circle - Drama Excursion

9th September - Senior School Dance Performance

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See into your future - one with the Arts in mind is a good choice for your career path, as it sets you ready for tomorrow s changing world.

We are moving towards a new development in resourcing the Arts at Corpus Christi College. These are exciting times for the development and creativity of every student at the College. With improvement in quality in every subject in the Arts and the increased rigour that comes with a new curriculum, the time has never been better to consider an arts subject.

In considering your subject choices, there is some important and often overlooked statistical reasons for including an arts subject that improve your future employment chances.

  • The global marketplace requires candidates to compete with others world wide for roles and markets, particularly in the computer games, animation and visual effects sectors. (Source: Australian Interactive Media Industry Association)
  • There are over 20,000 different career pathways associated within and associated to the Arts Industry-Including Entertainment Law and Arts Management.
  • The market needs the creative genius: creative types are more in demand, but the corporate world’hasn t yet learned how to manage them.
  • If you can show you are creative and can fit into a team you will have a distinct advantage in the jobs market. (Source:Ibid)
  • There are a wide range of skills covered in Arts courses, most of these compliment your other subjects
  • Statistically Arts candidates who complete ATAR have their Arts Subject as their highest scoring WACE -last year alone we had 100% of Dance students with their Arts Subject as their first choice.
  • Your chances of success are increased by the way an Arts subject is assessed, there is often an even split between written and practical, thus making it easier to fit in with your strengths.
  • In the last industry census in WA over 576,000 people where employed in primary Arts jobs alone. This does not include Jobs associated within the arts field, for example, licensing.

There is no doubt that our new building and the development of our Arts facilities will increase our ability to offer an extensive programme that will extend opportunity to all. There has never been a better time to choose an arts subject.

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up. - Pablo Picasso

Mr James Dove

Head of Arts

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Guys and Dolls Production USB NOW ON SALE!!

Purchase your copy of this amazing performance, showcasing our very talented students.

A customised USB can be ordered via Try Booking at the following link:


Cost per USB is $15.00.

All orders need to be placed by Friday 24th June 2016

USB can be collected from the school reception from Michelina Crane from Monday 27th June 2016.

Great gift ideas for family members.

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New Staff in Dance

We would like to welcome Leone Gatt to Corpus Dance for the remainder to Term Two. Leone will be replacing Mrs Spark this term and we wish to thank her for coming on board.

We are delighted to announce our new Dance Teacher for semester 2 2016 – Lauchlan Bain. We are very excited about Lauchlan joining Dance and know that he is going to be a valuable member of the Arts team and fabulous for our students

Lauchlan Bain - Bio

Lauchlan was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, where his love of performing arts was first started and was cultivated from a young age. He began performing arts training across the board as a singer, dancer, actor and aerialist until his successful entrance into tertiary performing arts training.

As a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Dance and Music Theatre, Lauchlan has been seen around Perth and Australia as a theatre performer (CATS, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Fame) as well as in television and film (Cloudstreet, HBF, and RAC). This success saw Lauchlan move to London to take a role as a teacher at the acclaimed Pineapple Dance Studios, lecturing in contemporary, ballet, and theatre jazz, where he also performed across the UK as both a singer, dancer and actor. Highlights from his time in the UK include working with Sony Music Group UK as a singer and sessional artist, performing the carol Silent Night on Good Morning (ITV), as well as touring with international recording artists as a dancer.

Since returning to Perth, Lauchlan has qualified as a high school teacher (Graduate Diploma Education – ECU) and performed in Australia in The Mikado, The Sound of Music, The Phantom of the Opera and was Will Parker in Oklahoma.

Recently, Lauchlan is better known for his choreographic endeavors, choreographing for Presbyterian Ladies College, St Mary s Anglican Girls School, John Forrest Secondary College and ICW Productions Oliver. Lauchlan is best known for his commitment to his artistic endeavors, both as an artist and an educator, and is recognizable for his involvement in the Perth dance and theatre scene, as both talent and choreographer.

He looks forward to joining the Corpus Christi Catholic College staff cohort, and continuing his career in a superb educational institution.

Caroline Fuhr 

Dance Teacher

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Music Night – Monday 20th June 2016

Corpus Christi Annual Music Night will be held on Monday 20th June 2016, starting at 7.00pm in the Corpus Christi Community Centre.

There will be a stunning concert followed by a supper and dance!

This is a wonderful event, showcasing our very talented students at Corpus Christi College.

Wine, soft drinks and nibbles included in the ticket price.

ADULTS $15.00


Limited tickets on sale!


Looking forward to seeing you all here to support the College.

Please ensure that you present your ticket at the door!


We would like to wish all the students and staff attending the Music Tour all the very best. Enjoy this amazing opportunity and let’s bring home the gold medals.

Please follow our progress via our Facebook page:



If you would like to learn any instrument, please look on the Community Portal under Instrumental Music Program Portal. There you will find an information brochure, enrolment form and details of our instrumental tutors. Please let Mrs Michelle Hunt the Arts Administrator know of your wishes and we will enrol your son/daughter at the earliest opportunity.

May I also encourage all Corpus Students with an interest in Music to participate in the College Music program. We run 4 choirs and 15 music ensembles representing music of all kinds, and for all levels of expertise. We also run a Rock School and extra Music Theory classes. Please note that at present only 3 of the 19 music groups are auditioned. Details can be found on the Community Portal (under Instrumental Music Program Portal), or from Mrs Hunt or the Head of Music, Mr Harries.

We will be taking on all-comers at the Catholic Performing Arts (August) - please join up before it's too late, and let s show them what we can do!!!

David Harries

Director of Music

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2016 Atwell Gallery Art Awards

We are delighted to announce that we had excellent results from our entries at the 2016 Atwell Gallery Awards. Our students have been working incredibly hard and produced some outstanding works that not only we were excited about but were very well received by everyone that attending this exhibition.

We had 18 piece entered and every one of them were fantastic and we wish to congratulation all those student who produced this work and encourage them to keep up the great efforts. The 18 Students were;

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.58.50 pm
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.58.50 pm

We would like to acknowledge the following students who were award winners on the night;


Congratulations to the following students who all received Awards in each category at last night s 2016 Atwell Gallery Art Awards.


Year 12 - Clarissa Sutandi (Highly commended)

Year 11 - Grace Macri (The Curators Award)

Year 10 - Amela Swan (Winner)

Year 10 - Jessica Tichelaar (Highly commended)

Year 9 - Annabel Biscotto (Winner)

Gaby Fabris

Art Teacher


[accordion_item title="Student Achievers" accordion="accordion"]



Congratulations to Nina Brown who was recently selected as a member of the Gymnastics Western Australia State Team to attend the 2016 Australian Trampoline Gymnastics Championships at Hisense Arena, Melbourne VIC from 30th May-5th June. It is an honour to be selected to represent your state at this prestigious event. Congratulations Nina!

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Mr Luke Dobson and Jack Musika are to be congratulated on their selection to represent WA in the 2016 Under 15 s AFL Team, competing in Maroochydore, QLD from 22 to 31 July, 2016. Congratulations boys!

[divider style="divider5" backtotop="no" top_margin="5" bottom_margin="5"]



Lily Bird, is to be congratulated on her selection to represent WA in the 2016 Under 15 s Girls AFL Team, competing in Maroochydore, QLD from 22 to 31 July, 2016. well done Lilly!

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[accordion_item title="Careers News" accordion="accordion"]

Upcoming Careers information at the College

23rd June (Afterschool 3:30pm): UWA Student Talk, Jessica Knight, completing Assured Medicine Pathway and achieved 99th Percentile, in Mayne Block.

29th June (P5 and P6): Year 11 and 12 My Future Career Program in Mayne Block: UWA, Murdoch, Curtin, Notre Dame, South Metropolitan TAFE, Construction Careers, West Coast Eagle Development, Conservation Volunteers, Fire and Emergency Services, Melville City Council and Consumer Credit Legal Services in attendance.

University Open Days 2016

Sunday 24th July: Murdoch University

Sunday 31st July: Curtin University

Sunday 14th August: University of Western Australia

Sunday 14th August: Edith Cowan University (Mt Lawley) and WAAPA

Sunday 21st August: Notre Dame Fremantle

University Information Sessions

Murdoch University

Health Careers Evening - Wednesday, 29th of June

Meet our academics and learn about undergraduate course opportunities and careers in health, from roles in nursing and chiropractic through to laboratory medicine and psychology. Undergraduate courses covered include:

Biomedical Science

Chiropractic Science

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Cognitive Neuroscience & Health Psychology

Laboratory Medicine

Movement Science

Nursing (Peel and South Street)

Social and Developmental Psychology

Sport & Health Science

Staff will be on hand to answer course enquiries, questions on admission and application requirements, as well as support services. For further information please visit http://www.experience.murdoch.edu.au/event/health-careers-evening/

University of Western Australia

UWA Future Students team will be running School Advisory Sessions during the July school holidays.

This is a chance for students and parents to go on campus and speak directly to Future Students Adviser. The sessions will last about 30 mins each and will give a chance for the students/parents to ask any questions regarding admission into our courses, course structure and content, the TISC application process, and the new Direct Pathways and early offers for Engineering.

Details for the sessions are below:

Who: For Year 10-12 students (parents/guardians are welcome to attend)

Where: UWA Crawley Campus (exact location to be confirmed upon booking)

Dates: Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 July

Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July

Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm (each session is approximately 30 minutes)

Bookings are essential as sessions are strictly limited - historically these sessions are very popular so book asap!

To register your interest please email alison.chan@uwa.edu.au with your:alison.chan@uwa.edu.aualison.chan@uwa.edu.au


School and year level

Preferred day/time

Notre Dame University Fremantle

A Day in the Life of a Uni Student- Friday 15th of July

9:30am- 2:30pm Prindiville Hall (ND3) Mouat Street, Fremantle

A Day in the Life of a University Student is a day for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to experience what life is really like at Notre Dame. This event is the ideal opportunity for you to come down to Notre Dame in Fremantle and get a taste of the areas of study on offer. You’ll take part in lectures and activities, enjoy a campus tour, and meet current students and academics.

To register for this event please complete the form at www.nd.edu.au/events/fremantle. You can choose from a range of study areas including Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Nursing, Philosophy and Physiotherapy. If you have any questions please contact us at future@nd.edu.au or 9433 0851.

If you are in Year 12, you can come along to the optional application workshop at the end of the day. Advisors will take you step-by-step through the application form and answer all your questions about applying. Bring along your application to have it reviewed or hand it in, if you are ready.

Notre Dame Early Offer Program 2017

Notre Dame University acknowledges and rewards the achievements of outstanding students through the Early Offer program by simplifying their access to university. Students who have a predicted ATAR of 90+ (or 93+ for Law & Physiotherapy) are encouraged to apply for this early offer by contacting Mrs Burke at Corpus Christi College. If a student is successful and accepts their Early Offer, it would in no way prohibit them from applying and accepting an offer from another university.

Applications are now open and close on Friday, 29 July, 2016, for study beginning in 2017.

Nursing Careers Expo

Sunday 19 June 8.30am - 1.30pm at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre More information is available at https://www.acn.edu.au/acn-nursing-and-health-expo-perth

9.20am -9.50am Career information - getting into nursing and/or midwifery

10.30am - 11.00am - Graduate opportunities - GradConnect and other options

11.40am - 12.10pm - Specialty focus - mental health nursing

12.50pm - 1.20pm - Extended roles - focus on nurse practitioners and eligible endorsed midwives

Muresk Institute Agribusiness Degree Overnight Taster

This event will be held on July 14 -15 at the iconic Muresk Institute campus. A $40 fee is charged to contribute towards catering and accommodation. There are limited places so students are encouraged to register by Monday 1 July either by completing the registration form or online via www.agtaster2016.eventbrite.com.au.

There is strong industry support for the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management degree program by way of industry-based scholarships as well as work placements. These highlight the wide range of career opportunities available to graduates. In addition to ATAR, there are a number of pathways into the degree program including Principals Recommendation, TAFE qualifications and single subject study options.

Students who have an interest in Agriculture, Science or Business should consider this event. For further information and bookings contact Daisy Franz, on 9622 6789 or agribusiness@cyoc.wa.edu.au.

Battle of the Bands event

Auditions Close: Friday June 24

Main event: Saturday July 16

Mount Pleasant College

Battle of the Bands is searching for local Perth talent looking to begin their study and launch their music career. Competition open to both Solo artists and full bands with members aged between Year 12/school leavers through to 25 year olds. Applications are now open! To enter - upload an audition clip to www.mpc.wa.edu.au/BoB.

Auditioning heats will take place online, with public voting beginning June 25. The top four voted bands and top four voted solo artists (+ one wildcard entry from each category) will then have the chance to perform at our live Battle of the Bands grand final event - Saturday July 16.

A judging panel, made up of local and interstate-based artists and industry professionals, will have the job of choosing the first placed band and first placed solo artists.

These top performers will share in over $10,000 worth of prizes including scholarships into MPC Certificate IV in Music program PLUS a day of recording in Red Wall Studio with one of our very own producers.

To enter upload your audition video to: www.mpc.wa.edu.au/BoB by 25 June.

If you would like any further information on either of these events please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Email:Andrew.field@mpc.wa.edu.au, Phone: 9329 1777.

My Future Careers (School Subscription)

Use your school student email address to logon and access the My Future Careers website, for career exploration and occupation videos, job outlook, starting salaries, and much more.


Defence Force Gap Year 2017

The ADF Gap Year program is an excellent way for your students to experience military life and to gain a greater understanding of what s involved. On completion they can continue serving in the Navy, Army or Air Force, or offer the skills and experience they have acquired to an alternative career path.

In 2017 there are 11 roles to choose from ranging from admin to artillery, and flight crew to logistics.

Details of all the Gap Year roles are available at defencejobs.gov.au/gapyear

Employment commences early 2017. Applicants must have completed Year 12 and be aged between 18 and 24 as of 1 April 2017 (Navy), 31 May 2017 (Army), or 7 April 2017 (Air Force).

WA Police Force Recruitment Information Sessions

People who have an interest in a career as a Police Officer are encouraged to attend a Recruit Information Session. Please be advised the Recruit Information Session only provides information on the Police Officer role and recruitment process and does not provide information on the Cadet or Police Auxiliary Officer entry pathway.

Recruit Information Sessions include presentations by WA Police Recruiting Personnel, Police Recruits and other members of WA Police and provide an overview of the recruitment and selection process, training requirements and job specific information relevant to a career as a police officer.

Due to limited availability and space, bookings will be accepted from prospective applicants only. We are unable to accommodate guests at this time.

If you are interested in any other entry pathway such as Cadet or Police Auxiliary Officer, please be advised that an Information Session relevant to each entry pathway will be held prior to recruitment campaign for these positions opening.

Online Booking on www.stepforward.wa.gov.au is essential

Upcoming Sessions:

4:30pm - Thursday 23 June 2016: WA Police Academy

Bookings now open

4:30pm - Thursday 21 July 2016: WA Police Academy

Bookings open from 13 June 2016

Holiday Revision Courses

July UWA ATAR Revision Program

July Year 11 and 12 ATAR Revision Program

Rachel Burke

Careers Coordinator


[accordion_item title="Try a Trade Programme" accordion="accordion"]

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.11.59 pm
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.11.59 pm

The Construction Training Fund (CTF) is proud to sponsor the Try a Trade program and is delivering the program to your Corpus Christi College in 2016.

The program is available to students currently in Years 9 and 10 only with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 students per course.

Recently, former teacher and current relief teacher, Mr Mike Penhaligon accompanied thirteen Year 10 students in the course recently. The students were exposed to three Trades, Carpentry, Bricklaying and Tiling. It was an intensive three day course that certainly challenged them all. It took them out of their comfort zone and challenged their observation skills as well as their ability to stick at a task. All students involved showed determination and commitment to the tasks involved.

For two of them in particular it reinforced their intention to become a Carpenter and a Bricklayer respectively, proving without doubt and they will achieve their goal of attaining Apprenticeships in the future.

Mike Penhaligon

Student involved in the Programme:

Connor Chiarelli

Callum Clayton

Eric Del Pup

Rhys Edwards

Curtin Guippa

Evan Joy

Amelia Kenny

Taylia Kenny

Sam Larcher

Max Melling

Reilly Murray

Chelsea Ryan

Kimberlet Wade-Wear

Jonathon Wallis



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