CyberSeniors @ Melville Digital Hub

At the start of the college year, our Information Technology teacher advertised the opportunity to attend a one-hour library session for six weeks after school, where three Year 12 students volunteered in helping a group of seniors with developing their digital/cyber skills. They were given a detailed introduction to computers, or other devices such as iPads, shown how to send, receive and attach files to emails, use the Internet and learn many other tricks and tips. The program, called ‘CyberSeniors’ is set at the Canning Bridge Library (City of Melville), but the organisation who runs the program is ‘Digital Hub’, an international organisation originally based in Canada. The experience in itself (from our point of view) was really enjoyable, as not only did we come away feeling like we were helping people in our community, but we also connected with our partnered senior on a personal level, often sharing stories, opinions and lots of laughs. We would definitely recommend getting involved, to any year eleven interested in IT, it is a very enjoyable and educational experience.

Tess Edmunds, Jason Martins, Brad Le Guier