Corpus Journalists look at the Big Issues

The Corpus Christi College Journalism Club (Founded in 2014) by current Year 12 student Alyssa Bay, has recently appeared in the Melville Times in a new segment allowing WA students to voice their concerns through creative writing.

Ms Bay, an enthusiastic and driven young lady approached the Melville Times early in the year, persisting with regular communication with the Community Newspaper and when the segment came up for grabs, Ms Bay seized the opportunity.

The Journalism Club releases a bi-term e-Newsletter which is distributed to the student body and to all of the Corpus Christi College parent community.  The team consist of all Year levels, and their rules and club policies are followed religiously.

"The Journalism Club was founded to not only give the students a medium to express their creativity through writing, but to work collectively, much like a newspaper team."  Ms Bay said.

"We have some very talented young writers within our group who are passionate about a wide variety of local and global issues.  The 'Corpus Voice' is a great way of expressing our views in a creative and public forum".