Computer Donations

Computers For Kenya

Every now and then, the College is in a privileged position to support outside agencies such as, when the lease expires on computers and they are no longer required by our staff and/or students. Recently, we had a number of laptops to decommission which were purchased some years ago, under the Rudd Government funding. These computers were donated to Father Cyprian Molongo, who through his role at the Bateman Parish, collects resources for distribution to the less fortunate in his home country of Kenya. Corpus Christi College supported Father Cyprian a couple of years ago and was very happy to provide another 20 resources.

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Students Rebecca and Yannick Machado are members of the Bateman Parish. In her role as Leader of the Student Ministry, Rebecca was assisted by ICT Support student Jacob Crook in handing over the computers to Father Cyprian.

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Australian Air Force Cadets

Last week the 715 (City of Belmont) Squadron of the Australian Air Force Cadets received a generous donation of six Dell laptops with much gratitude. These were previously owned by Corpus Christi College and funded by the Rudd government. They will be used in the classrooms, combined with the existing projectors in order to improve and support the learning curve of the cadets. The classroom lessons are a major part of the cadet education in areas of leadership, aviation and service knowledge, to name just a few. Visual clues are beneficial for many learners, and these cadets voluntarily study for additional evening every week. Additional laptops also mean that the disadvantaged cadets get the additional study support.