Opening Mass, 28th Annual Performing Arts Festival

On Friday 21 July, staff and students from various catholic schools and colleges gathered together at Infant Jesus Parish in Morley to celebrate the official opening of the Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and College. Led by Most Reverend Donald Sproxton VG, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth, the mass was an uplifting celebration of Catholic Education WA’s commitment to fostering the talents of its students.

Performers and readers proudly represented their respective schools, sharing their liturgical and performance skills with the congregation. However, a special congratulations must be given to the Corpus Christi Choir, whose incomparable vocal talent demonstrated the true value of song as a form of worship. Their voices added an extra dimension to the mass, encouraging full participation and genuine reflection. A special thanks to Head of Music David Harries, the Music team and all choir members for their commitment in practice and on the day.

'Defining Moments' - Dance Open Evening 2017

On Wednesday 22 June the College Dance Team hosted Defining Moments’ , the Dance Open Evening for 2017. This was a rare opportunity to showcase our new Performing Arts space to the families and friends of the dance students who have the pleasure of using it on a day-to-day basis.

‘Defining Moments’ was an exciting new format for our annual College Dance Performance that invited the College community into the Dance classroom for an intimate look behind the scenes. In traditional dance performances, the audience sees only the finished product: the glitter, the lights and the smiles of the performers. The audience doesn’t get to see the preparation that goes into this final product – neither the countless hours students dedicate to improving their dance technique in class, nor the slow rehearsal process as students collaborate to create and learn the dances for performance. This is the process and development that we want to share with our Dance families and the College community as a whole.

‘Defining Moments’ is not designed as a polished performance, but instead it is an intimate and raw look at Dance at the College. The first part of the evening was presented in an ‘open day’ style where guests had the opportunity to see students actively learning new skills and discuss their experience of Dance at the College. 

Between Dance Teachers, Ms Fuhr and Mr Bain, they focussed on Contemporary and Jazz techniques, additionally, Mr Pidd guided those interested in fitness warm ups and the safe use of fitness equipment.

In the Art Foyer, guests could read about some of the theoretical work to dance, look at stunning costumes and photography from previous dance shows and listen to video interviews from students, discussing their experiences and philosophies of dance.



Year 8 iLAN Excursion

Year 8 iLAN Excursion

On Tuesday, 25th October, the first of our beautiful Spring days, the Year 8 iLAN students enjoyed an excursion to the Perth Zoo. The students participated in the Teaming with Wildlife workshop run by the Zoo. These activities gave them the opportunity to develop leadership and team building skills by completing a set of challenges within a conservation context. 

United Nations Day

United Nations Day

Students were asked to provide food (from their selected country) for a randomly chosen partner to enjoy on the day. Students were required to conduct some research on their partner s country, find a connection and include a brief note addressed to their partner that discusses the significance of the lunch, for example – This lunch represents a peace offering or this lunch is to apologise for my countries past treatment of your country.



The makerspace program has expanded at Corpus, moving away from a designated room, in the library and moving to a more appropriate space in the Technology and Enterprise classrooms. Students use these areas for creating, making, tinkering, and exploring all disciplines of Technology and Enterprise to develop their STEM skills.

Principal's Message - Term Two

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Dear parents,


On behalf of the College, we welcome the return of our staff, students and parents, including those who attended College coordinated tours over the holiday period.

The Space Camp to NASA in the USA was a wonderful opportunity for the 13 students who attended from the College. Thank you to Mrs Chanel Fenwick and Mrs Yvette Pearce who accompanied the students on an amazing tour. No doubt the touring group will be quite exhausted after a full two-week educational experience over the holidays.

Welcome back to teachers Mr Michael Rathmann, Mrs Lidia Di Giuseppe, Mr Adrian Richmond and Miss Victoria Carway who accompanied the 31 Year 10 students on the Humanities Canberra Tour from Tuesday 19 April until Monday 25 April, fortunate to conclude the tour by attending the Dawn Service in Canberra.

The College community gathered this morning to commemorate our own ANZAC service in the Community Centre.

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I would like to take this opportunity to note some changes to staffing from Term Two.

On behalf of the College, I take this opportunity to congratulate Deputy Principal Senior School Mr Ian Hagen on his appointment to the Acting Principal s role of St Francis School, Maddington, a co-educational Catholic CARE school for the remainder of the year, from Term Two to Term Four 2016.

Well known in the Catholic education community, we were aware the former Principal Mr Rory McNally passed away mid-way through last term. It is wonderful Ian was able to apply for this role and in service to the Catholic system, has accepted this challenge for 2016.

The very late appointment to this role announced by Catholic Education WA on the last day of Term One has necessitated some changes to leadership structures at the College.

I take this opportunity to announce the following staff who have been appointed to leadership roles from Term Two:

  • Mr Jean-Paul Papineau as Acting Deputy Principal Senior School.
  • Mr Michael Rathmann as Acting Head of Year 11, who will continue to cover Mr Papineau’s role.
  • Ms Katrina Thomas as Acting Student Ministry Coordinator, replacing Mr Simon Keane who will be on Long Service Leave from Week Two.
  • Ms Marian Lavelle who will be continuing as MacKillop House Coordinator.

Please welcome our newly appointed teaching staff:

  • Mr Leith Daniel comes to us from Servite College to teach English and Religious Education. Mr Daniel has presented at every English Teachers Conference in WA for the last 10 years, has presented at national conferences, has had a number of essays published and for the past three years, has been involved in the teachmeet.wa movement, bringing free Professional Development to teachers across the State. Having held a variety of leadership roles as Head of English and Head of Year, Leith comes to us with a broad range of teaching and leadership experiences from Servite, Kolbe College, Aquinas College and Newman Senior High School.
  • Mr Sean Nicoli has been appointed as a Mathematics Teacher from Term Two. Sean has taught Mathematics with the Department of Education since 2005, including recently at Rossmoyne Senior High School. He has taught across all phases of secondary schooling, as well as having worked in the TAFE tertiary sector holding both teaching and administrative positions. Sean is very committed to, and passionate about, teaching Mathematics and producing student focussed lessons and curriculum. Students and staff at Corpus Christi College may be familiar with Sean already as a relief teacher.
  • We welcome the return of Mr Christopher Pietroniro who has been appointed as a Religious Education teacher covering in the main, Mr Simon Keane’s classes in Term Two.

Please welcome our newly appointed supporting staff:

  • Technical Manager Mr Daniel Chapman commenced his role at the College on Monday 11 April. Daniel came to us from All Saints’ College where he has held the position of Network Administrator since 2009. As Assistant Technical Manager, Mr Yun Chen will be supporting Daniel as we move into the next chapter of ICT leadership at the College.
  • Ms Nurmala Simbolon has been appointed as our Native Speaker (Indonesian) Languages Assistant for Terms Two to Four 2016, a funded position at the College. Nurmala is currently studying for a Doctor of Education (Applied Linguistics) at Curtin University, her prior role as an English teacher at Pontianak State Polytechnic in West Borneo.
  • Ms Claire McDonnell has been appointed as a Teacher Assistant working primarily in the Education Support Centre. Claire is currently working at Applecross Senior High School in a similar role.
  • Ms Frances Whiting who has been appointed as a Teacher Assistant to commence at Corpus Christi College on Tuesday 26 April for a three-week appointment. Frances is a Corpus parent and an experienced former-teacher who has taught at numerous Catholic schools around the world.

We welcome the return of Mathematics teacher Mr Reno Sinagra and Head of Humanities Mr James Ramsey from Long Service Leave last term.

Finally, long time staff member Mrs Sonya Hope has retired after being at the College since January 1991, initially as a Teacher Assistant, more recently known to parents as one of our long-standing Administration Assistants in the Finance Department, a position she has held since 2006. We are most grateful for the service Sonya has provided to the College for almost 26 years.

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Just a reminder regarding the changeover period for the Winter Uniform this term, with a change to policy: We have already experienced a great deal of unseasonal warm weather in 2016. This year, we are trialling a change to policy which will see the inclusion of a ‘lead-in time’ in the wearing of the winter uniform. For the first two weeks ONLY, students will be able to choose to wear either their full summer or full winter uniform (no mixing and matching). By Monday 9 May all students will be in their full winter uniform. Homeroom teachers will be monitoring this change, which will be reviewed immediately afterwards.

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Every two years, the Parents and Friends hold a Quiz Night to build the Corpus community engagement and to raise funds for a special project. I take this opportunity to invite parents and friends to book a table for the night to this major community event of the year!

For 2016, the P and F were provided with a variety of capital possibilities. They have chosen to assist the College in the further refurbishment of the Library, which is continuing to become the hub of the College at all hours of the day.

New library shelving and furniture – in re-imagining our 21st century Library, I had asked Mr Greg Port, Head of Library Information Services, to continue the work former Head of Library Ms Robyn Durack started five years ago, by seeking quotes for movable library shelving and additional comfortable seating in this next stage of redevelopment. The Library is now a meeting space for all students from early in the morning until 5pm in the evening. It is utilised heavily during recess and lunchtime, students often sit tests in the Seminar Room (now a quiet working space), with students studying or reading during the day and the ICT Help Desk having been relocated near its entrance. The approximate cost will be $40K (quotes for the movable library shelving is $35K).

In 2014, funds were raised to provide some of the sports equipment for the Fitness Centre, whilst in 2012, the funds raised went to the purchase of the fantastic cooker and surrounding equipment for the Mater Christi Cafeteria, whilst in previous years, all the air conditioning of our rooms was provided by the P and F.

Such projects have been nominated by staff to the Principal and presented to the P and F for consideration, as part of the College Policy for requesting funds raised by parents. On behalf of all students at the College, I salute our parents for the provision of these appreciated resources!

Please download the letter at the link below from the P and F for more details about the event.


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The date for the official opening of the Community Centre has changed and is no longer in Week Three.

All parents and friends are now invited to the Official Opening of the Community Centre which will be held in The David Heath Gymnasium, commencing at 9.00am, immediately after the Corpus Christi Day Mass. Executive Director of Catholic Education Dr Tim McDonald will be present on the day to open this fine facility. A Community Morning Tea will be held on the top floor deck and adjoining classrooms for those who are able to join us. RSVP will be necessary – details forthcoming.

We are currently trying to confirm the postal details of some of the past Board Chairs (from the early years of the College), together with P&F Executive and Board Members whom we would like to invite. If you know the address of someone who was involved in our early history, could you please contact College Receptionist Mrs Michelina Crane at the College on 6332 2500.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Caroline Payne


When: Thursday 25th February (Week 4)
Where: HBF Stadium (Challenge Stadium)
Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm

The carnival is an excellent opportunity for students to participate with enthusiasm, show pride for their House and appreciate the excellence of the top swimmers at the College. Parents and family are very welcome to attend and experience the Corpus spirit. We always appreciate the support given by parents, both in the stands and by ensuring their sons/daughters comply with expectations, which ensures a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

A reminder that attendance at the carnival is compulsory and all students are expected to participate in either the main or minor carnival. Any non-attendance or non-participation requires a letter to the House Coordinator prior to the event. Non-participants are expected to assist with the running of the Carnival on the day. Participation at Inter-house events is part of the graduation expectations of Senior School students and absences are not tolerated.

In previous years, parents have also played a key role in assisting the staff of the Physical Education Department during the day. If parents are interested in helping this year, please contact Sheldon McIntyre (6332 2613 or ). We always appreciate your help and support.

Sheldon McIntyre
Head of Health and Physical Education


Carnival day:

  • Transport to and from the event will be by charter or College bus. Students will be dismissed at the normal time of 3.15pm.

  • College sports uniform with house shirt and sports shoes for travel to and from the carnival.
  • Bring all belongings in their College sports bag (preferable) or normal College bag.
  • Valuables and money are NOT to be taken to the venue. The College will not be responsible for lost items.
  • Mobile phones will be confiscated according to normal College policy.
  • Staff will confiscate any musical or electronic device used on the day. These items do nothing towards supporting their peers and promoting house spirit
  • Behave in an appropriate manner at all times during the day.


  • Ensure an appropriate breakfast is consumed the morning of the carnival.
  • Students are NOT permitted to use the cafeteria services on the day and attending parents are requested to not provide their sons/daughters with inappropriate cafeteria food.
  • Bring a packed ‘healthy’ lunch (i.e. sandwiches, salads, fruit, muesli bars). Excessive amounts of ‘junk food’ are inappropriate.
  • Students MUST provide their own water for the day; energy drinks are unnecessary and ill advised.
  • NB. HBF Stadium DOES NOT permit glass bottles into the stadium.


  • College one-piece bathers or speedos, or an alternative that is close to this.
  • Students may wear the College shorts over their one piece or speedos, but need to be aware it will result in slower times and less points for your house!
  • Club swimming bathers, skins or similar alternatives are not permitted due to ACC regulations.
  • Swimming caps in house colours will be provided on the day.
  • Students should bring their own goggles, if desired. The College does not provide these.


  • Please ensure medical information and emergency details are up to date.
  • If medication is required to be taken during the day (including asthma inhaler), please advise the supervising teacher for their house.

Corpus Christi Tour to Indonesia 2015

Eleven Corpus Christi students are currently nearing the end of an amazing language and culture tour to Indonesia, arriving back in Perth on Sunday 20 December.

So far they have had an impressive array of experiences: language study with built-in fun challenges like buying phone credit and interviewing people in the street; visits to awe-inspiring sites such as Borobudur and Mount Merapi, a shopping/cooking cycling expedition to buy ingredients in the market (in Indonesian of course) and then cook their own lunch; a pencak silat (martial arts) class; making their own filigree silver jewellery; riding in becaks; experiencing life in an Indonesian host family and school; trying all kinds of new foods; participating in a friendly debate with St Hendrikus students, exploring the mangrove forests of east Surabaya and seeing the biggest mosque in south-east Asia (Al-Akbar in Surabaya).

Still to come at the time of writing are a visit to Taman Safari to see unique Indonesian wildlife and have fun at the theme park; watching the sunrise at Bromo volcano and, finally, a relaxing few hours at Waterbom Park before boarding their flight to Perth.

The students are all doing us proud and the teachers have really enjoyed their company this last two weeks. They are a little tired but it’s been great to see them getting to know Indonesia and accepting the “comfort zone challenge” to try new things and speak in Indonesian.

Many thanks go to my colleagues on the Tour Mr Vic Gecas for compiling a stunning Facebook page of photos and Ms Wendy Quint for her endless good humour and practical advice. We’ve had a ball.

Sue Cooper


Boxing Champion highlights inclusiveness of WA Swimming Community

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.26.39 am

Former champion boxer Danny Green has highlighted the camaraderie and inclusiveness of Western Australia’s swimming community, with a stirring tribute to three young swimmers at this week’s 2015 The West Australian Newspapers State Short Course Championships.

Green, who has been in the crowd at the event to support daughter Chloe, witnessed two Perth City swimmers, Katie McFarlane (Current Year 11 student at Corpus Christi College) and Sabrina Seitz, jump to the assistance of South Shore Swim Club member Stephen Donovan. (Former Corpus Christi College student)

Donovan had to withdraw from his 200m IM race after losing his googles at race start and was visibly upset with the outcome.

Sitting in the stands watching events occur McFarlane and Seitz, who had both previously swum for South Shore, quickly decided to rush to the pool deck to console and support Donovan.

“We were sitting in the stands and we saw him come up from his dive with his goggles around his neck,” McFarlane said.

“I just looked at Sabrina and said ‘should we go?’and she said yes, so we went down.”

Keen to ensure that Donovan, who has competed in several events at the Championships, didn’t lose focus, McFarlane and Sietz were quick to remind him of his previous successes, most notably at last year’s Down Syndrome World Swimming Championships in Mexico.

“He was angry at himself but we reminded him that it happens to everyone and you just have to keep swimming through it,” McFarlane said.

“He was still upset but when we mentioned Mexico he cheered up.”

The support of the rival club members was noted by Green, who posted a note to his 500,000+ followers about the incident.

“Hope this gets you thinking a bit. Watching swimming comp today and the race starts for two disabled swimmers. The fella makes a great dive in but unfortunately his goggles came off his head and it ruined his start and race,” he wrote.

“Poor bloke was so upset. He grabbed his goggles and swam back to the start and got out on the edge of the pool. Shattered. Devastated. This bloke, like all the swimmers who compete, sacrifice so much, and he had worked so damn hard for this one moment, only for it to be ruined by a mishap.

“It was so lovely to see two big hearted young girls from another team walk up and console him and give him a hug and walk with him.

If you are having a bad day ‘cause you have a cold, or something didn't go your way…but it's not a real big deal, spare a thought for this trooper, whose day was truly buggered cause of the not only the struggle he has on a daily basis, but also because this race he had worked so bloody hard for was over and you could see how much it meant to him.”

Green took the opportunity today to meet McFarlane and Seitz, as well as Donovan, and shake their hands.

“This is not about me, it’s about the kids,” he told Swimming WA today. “If I can help show what they did then that’s all I want.”

The girls were also presented with a gift of thanks by Donovan for their support.

Proposed Cambodia Immersion 2016


Proposed Immersion to Cambodia: 25 September-4 October 2016

As a Catholic community we are called to live out the teachings of the Gospel. Part of our evangelisation mission is to touch people's minds, hearts and lives with the saving, healing and liberating Good News of Jesus Christ who came to serve others. Therefore when we see a need, we are called to act.

Corpus Christi College staff has established a relationship with Catholic and Non­Government Organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia to help such people in need. To further develop this relationship, we would like to give students and parents an opportunity to be involved in this challenging experience together.

The College staff has participated in two previous successful immersions to Cambodia, both in 2013 and 2104. It is now proposed to expand this opportunity to Year 10 students and their parents in September 2016 ( during Term Three school holidays). Being a parent/student immersion, this means that for every child who wishes to attend, they need to be accompanied by a parent.

The Immersion will involve house building, visiting Missionaries of Charities' homes, and other Non-Government Organisations such as Green Gecko and Husk.

Click HERE for the information pack and details of the proposed immersion.

To view the video package from the previous Cambodian Immersion, click HERE

Project Rockit

IMG_1974_web Over the last two days, 'Project Rockit' came to the College to talk to our students about tackling (cyber) bullying by engaging students in conversation about social media, online behaviour and empowering students to stand up and lead change in a positive way...


For more information, please go to


Space Camp Tour USA 2016

space_001The College is offering a trip to Space Camp USA in 2016 for next years Year 9-11 students. The trip is scheduled for Saturday 9 April and returning Sunday 24 April 2016.

We are planning the tour in conjunction with John XXIII College. It is a two-week trip during the school holidays in April 2016. The trip is a one-in-a-lifetime experience and includes visiting some of the following locations:

  • Advanced Space Academy (Alabama)
  • Kennedy Space Centre (Florida)
  • Orlando Space Centre (Florida)
  • Everglades Airboat Ride (Florida)
  • Universal Studios (Florida)
  • Exploratorium (San Francisco, California)
  • US Department of Energy National Ignition Facility (California)
  • City Tour and Alcatraz (California)
  • Silicon Valley / Palo Alto (California)

  • To view the promotional Brochure, please click on the link below:


    To fill out an Expression of Interest form, please download the form below:

    Expression of Interest Form

    This form is to be returned to Student Services OR emailed by 8.00am Friday 24 July, 2015

    Email: • Phone: 6332 2500

    Drug Awareness Forum

    rotary-logo-eIn Western Australia:

  • Nearly 45% of 17-year-old males admit to using illicit drugs.
  • Nearly 25% of drivers killed on roads in 2000-2012 were drug-affected.
  • 80% of prisoners have a history of drug use.
  • Drug-Fuller crime, violence and tragedy fills our news and media.
  • What can we do to protect our rising generations from the danger that lie in wait for them?

    To present this public forum, the Rotary Club of Booragoon has teamed with Jade Lewis, a former union international athlete who since overcoming her own drug addiction has dedicated her life to helping others as an author, motivational speaker and founder of Jade Lewis & Friends inc. plus a panel of members from the police, education, counselling and sporting fields.

    WHERE: Corpus Christi College (Entrance off Dean Road, Bateman)
    WHEN: Tuesday 23 June (7.00pm-8.30pm)
    ENTRY: Free
    WHO: Parents and Educators, sporting and youth groups, health welfare and safety providers.
    RSVP (or phone 0432 298 325)

    This is an important opportunity to learn and share knowledge as a community.

    Together, we can plan and develop a program to provide information, awareness and support through schools and community groups.

    Brought to you by Rotary Club of Booragoon.

    Try a Trade

    TryATradeRecently, a group of students involved in the Headstart programme participated in a Try a Trade excursion.

    The boys were great, well-behaved and well-mannered. They soon got into the swing of things with their first project, Thor’s hammer!

    One student, who shall be nameless, stated "how could you have done this for so long Mr Connery". I think the reality of working life is starting to sink in!!!

    This excursion is a great opportunity to “taste” some trades and reflect if they are for the individual. If they are not that is as good as knowing what you want to do.

    Of particular note today was the way the boys worked with each other. Helping and guiding, demonstrating and advising. This was a wonderful unexpected product of the days activities.

    I am very proud to be with these boys as they experience and grow in this environment.

    Kind regards,

    Scott Connery

    Year 7 Reflection Days

    Year7Activity1 Year7Activity2The Year 7 students recently participated in a Reflection Day with the theme, the 'Hero Within'.

    This program topic is designed to help lower and middle school students recognise the hero within them, and how they can make a contribution to the world.

    Many young people have “Hero’s” that they look up to but fail to recognise that they too have heroic qualities and the ability to make a difference. For males and females these hero’s are often very different, so this program will be altered if it is delivered to a single gender group.

    To assist in the students understanding of hero’s and to add further student appeal, a number of parallels are drawn to ‘superheros’ as well as real life hero’s.

    The content of this program is not designed specifically to address the content of any units studied in the religious education curriculum, but is a topic ideal for all lower and middle school students. The sessions comprised of a variety of fun and engaging activities, including a series of presentations and games which promotes group discussion and reflective exercises.

    Ultimately, the purpose of the Reflection Day is to not only reflect on heroic role models and how they show their true potential (Including Jesus), but to develop and recognise a healthy self-esteem amongst the students and developing a compassion and concern for others.

    Year 9 - Self Image and Loving for Life


    Year9_2As part of the Year 9 Curriculum, the Year 9 students were engaged in a One-Day Retreat experience focused on appreciating the Gift of their Own Uniqueness and self-worth.

    Facilitated by the ‘Youth Mission Team’, students would realise the potential they have to influence the way others value themselves.. Rather than suppressing our unique qualities, we should appreciate and respect them in ourselves and others.

    From fun Ice-breaker activities to thought-provoking drama scenarios, students started to see the connection between Jesus and his willingness and patience he has in us as individuals to welcome him into our lives. That each of us has a dignity and value beyond measure and this is reflected in the unconditional love that God has for us.

    LOVING FOR LIFE – Choosing to Love

    This Module of learning in the Year 9 curriculum allows students to understand how the formation of a healthy sexuality is very important in their journey thorough adulthood. The Program is about a journey; A journey from conception to happiness where each part reveals a path towards love for all young people.

    With a team of trained Facilitators, small groups of boys and girls reflected and evaluated on the content, focusing on friendship, positive and negative aspects of relationships in our lives, lifestyle choices, the path to adulthood and ‘love in marriage.’

    Choosing to Love is a crucial component of the Year 9 Education, inviting the students to understand the truths of the Catholic Church on human sexuality and that these truths are logical and beneficial to individuals, couples and society today.

    As a College we are fortunate to engage with a variety of inspiring individuals and groups that visit the College assisting our role as teachers to evoke conversation and a positive message and awareness of self.