Academic Extension at Corpus

G&T_001 Students who have been identified as having high academic potential and ability have been selected and invited to take part in the Academic Excellence Extension Program (AEEP). The program offers students the opportunity to work on an extended project of their choice. Running until the end of August, students work on projects either individually or collaboratively.

The purpose behind such a program at the College is to generally empower the students to strive for excellence and achieve their true potential. The Program not only caters for academically-able students but designed to extend their creativity in problem-solving.

We have been very fortunate as a College to welcome Mrs Fillipa Carvahlo who has injected a new level of professionalism and innovation into the Identification of Gifted and Talented students in 2015, a developmental process that will see the very best brought out in them in a variety of different subjects and focus.

Last Tuesday 12 May, students involved in AEEP presented to the College community at the Whole School Assembly. This was the first time students involved in the program shared their experiences with their peers and demonstrated the diversity of the program, hopefully inspiring other students to pursue excellence in their own learning.

Other students involved in Gifted and talented competitions received awards from Principal, Mrs Caroline Payne, another example of the reward for effort and individual success.