Academic Excellence

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At Corpus Christi College we seek to meet the diverse learning needs of all our students through the support and programmes offered by the Learning Centre, Education Support Centre and the Gifted and Talented Programme.

Our Mission Statement: We are a Catholic community committed to empowering every learner to serve and enrich our changing world.
The College Gifted and Talented Programme aims to:

  • Empower students to strive for excellence and achieve at their true potential.
  • Maximise the potential of all students, converting gifts into talents.
  • Provide students with a positive environment as a result of being involved in unique opportunities.
  • Train gifted and talented students to ensure correct attitudes and approaches to learning.
  • Identify and support underachieving students as well as maintain academically able students, motivated.
  • Ensure selected students excel at the attributes identified in the Corpus Christi College Learner Profile.