The Pinnacle of Public Speaking

On Wednesday evening, July 3rd, the twelfth Corpus Christi College Public Speaking Competition took place in the Sadler Centre. Students had mixed emotions of nervousness and excited anticipation. There were 36 competitors in 7 separate heats, which ran concurrently, followed by 6 students participating in the impromptu speech competition. The evening was a great success providing the audience with entertaining and inspiring speeches. Congratulations to all the winners and runners up from this evening. Every speaker showed courage and determination as well as evidence that they have acquired amazing skills that will be valuable throughout their lives. All students are to be highly commended for taking up the challenge of public speaking. It was a truly memorable evening for their families and coaches, and one that will stay with students for many years to come.

An evening such as this is the result of the efforts of many. I would like to thank and acknowledge a number of people, without whose assistance, this occasion would not have happened. Thank you to the parents and families of the students for their ongoing support and for being such an enthusiastic audience. Thanks to all the adjudicators on the evening; past students Sean Yoong, Daniel Thomas, Wai Sin Wan, Tiarna Petterson, Rebekah Craggs, Olivia Fuderer and Emma Shine. It is wonderful to see these young adults return to the College and once again assist on the evening, which has become a real tradition for this competition. The task of choosing winners and runners up was daunting, with many adjudicators commenting on the high standard of the speeches. In addition, I would like to thank Brett Nigli and Julyan Tan who were the Masters of Ceremony for the evening. Their ‘brand’ of humour kept the audience amused when there was a lull between speakers. Other student leaders; Ellyn McGlone, Rachel Dellaca, Erin Martin, Ike Adesanya, Shanice Pereira and Abbey Rock carried out so many roles including chairing, setting up and time keeping. All students are so time poor in Year 12, so their commitment to help out on the evening was generous and greatly appreciated.

In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Year 12 students Rachel Dellaca, Erin Martin and Ike Adesanya for their efforts in coaching a group of Year 7 and Year 8 students. They gave generously of their time and expertise, which enabled many more students to become involved in Public Speaking.

I am also very grateful to Mr Michael Royall and Miss Katie Rolston for their support and assistance in coaching students this year. The time and energy they devoted to this after school activity cannot be underestimated. Without the help of these wonderful people, the opportunity for so many students to be involved in Public Speaking would not have been possible. My sincere thanks are extended to all. 

Public Speaking will be available again next year in Semester One. I look forward to seeing all the students back again for another exciting year.

Mrs Noreen Stevenson


Prepared Speech Results


Year 7 Heat 1: Veronica Vincent

Year 7 Heat 2: Elizabeth Puthumana

Junior Heat 1: Josee Van der Linden

Junior Heat 2: Leah Nigli

Junior Heat 3: Olivia Dellaca 

Junior Heat 4: Natalia Cuocci

 Year 11 Heat: Mosaia McDonald


Year 7 Heat 1: Declan Kartadinata 

Year 7 Heat 2: Edvin Prince

Junior Heat 1: Erika Machado

 Junior Heat 2: Angelyne Varen

 Junior Heat 3: Emma Runyon

Junior Heat 4: Sophia Connolly

Impromptu Speaking Results


Senior : Olivia Dellaca

Junior: Emma Garland