5 Reasons to Join a Group, Club or Sporting Team

With over 50 extra-curricular options offered throughout the year, students can participate in a range of activities outside of regular timetabled classes. Whether you’re interested in sport, performing arts, academic extension or Christian service, these options allow for intensive participation and skill-building.

Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up:

1.     Have fun 
There’s no better feeling than doing something you love. So if you have a particular passion or talent, it’s a great idea to sign up for a group, club or sporting team you know you’ll enjoy. Your time, your choice.

2.     Meet like-minded students
You’re already familiar with the students in your homeroom and classes. Participating in an extra-curricular gives you an opportunity to make new friends who enjoy the same activity. No need to be shy!

3.     Try something new
Maybe you’re curious about trying a different sport. Perhaps you’d like to challenge yourself by learning a new skill. The great thing about many clubs is that you can ‘have a go’ and see if it’s right for you.

4.     Take it to the next level
Already excelling in Phys Ed, Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Art or core subjects? Level up by competing in interschool competitions or learning advanced curriculum. Your brain and body will thank you. 

5.     Get the most out of your education
High school is more than going to class, taking tests and seeing your friends – each student is on a journey. Participating helps you to get to know yourself and the path you want to take.

Please see the below list for a sample of what’s on offer: