2019 Extra-Curricular Dance

It’s been a busy Term with all things dance, as this year we have welcomed back the Boyz Dance Crew, and have enjoyed our newest addition, Dance Club. These groups run separately from our Dance Company and Collective, and no prior experience is required.

Dance Club is a brand new group created for 2019. This Club is specifically for those in Years 7 and 8 who would like to start dancing or just come along for a fun class. These classes are run by dance teacher, Miss Emma Wells on Wednesday afternoons. In Dance Club, the students learn a range of dance genres and are given the opportunity to perform at the Dance Open Evening in Term 2.

 With this positive learning environment and fun space to learn more about dance, the students have already started to make great friendships. When asked what they love most about Dance Club some of our students responded with:

 “It’s fun because you get to dance extra times in the week, and we get to do leaps!”- Alyssa

 “It’s a really fun activity to do with your friends”- Ella

 “Meeting new friends and having fun!”- Juliette

 “You can show your emotions through dance. You can also share your ideas with everyone.”- Shari

The Boyz Dance Crew is targeted for all those boys out there who enjoy getting together once a week, learning new moves and having fun dancing. This crew is run by Hip Hop specialist, Drew, who is currently working on a Military routine with the boys on Wednesday afternoons. In the Boyz Dance Crew, the focus is on developing skills in hip hop, break dancing and street dance.

Below is what some of the boys had to say about their crew:

 “I have been doing [dance] since 2015, the main aspect that I like is that it brings all the year groups together. It breaks the boundaries that guys have about getting out of their shell, where you can express yourself a lot more freely than what you can do in sport. In dance, you can be yourself without any consequences or boundaries stopping you.”- Samuel

 “Boyz dance gives each of the boys an outlet for their emotions and helps them with physical and mental growth.”- Andrew

 “It’s fun!”- Hamish

“You workout even though you don’t realise it, because it’s fun.”- Dieter

It’s not too late to get involved with extra-curricular dance in Term 2, 2019.

If you have questions and want to join, please see Arts Administrator, Michelle Hunt for more information.

Michelle Hunt: michelle.hunt@cewa.edu.au or 6332 2603.