Visualising Learning in Science

In Science, Ms Jo Stevens has redefined a Year 8 research task on the circulatory system by using the iPad to create a digital scaffold all about the heart.

Students were given a structured document in the Numbers app, which provided spaces for them to visualise their learning by drawing, labelling, adding photos, and inserting audio explanations. By using Numbers, Ms Stevens was able to compartmentalise different activities by organising them into tabs.

Jo Stevens

When looking closer at the resource, students were given clear instructions and were directed to present their learning in specific ways. For example, as shown above, they traced over an existing diagram of the heart before labelling its parts and colour coding the blood flow. When they were finished, they deleted the original image, so they were left with their own drawing.

Following on from this task, students conducted a heart dissection, adding photographs and audio to reflect on their findings.

Jamie Clark

If you’d like to see more Digital Creativity and how our teachers integrate technology in the Classroom, check out the hashtag, #CorpusCreates on Twitter for snap-shots of the course in action. 

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