VR at Corpus


This year at Corpus Christi College, we invested in virtual reality equipment with the intention of looking into what learning possibilities may arise from the integration of this technology into the curriculum. 

Whilst there are various simulations available for students to take virtual field trips and simulate science experiments, the most exciting possibilities lay in students using this technology for creation.

Recently one of our Year 8 students, Madison King, chose to create a three-dimensional sculpture entirely in virtual reality using Google Tilt Brush software. Madison’s outstanding project was showcased at the College’s, ‘Celebrating Excellence Evening’ for students who took part in this year’s Academic Excellence Extension Program. Since the event, Madison’s cutting-edge artwork has been recognised for its attention to detail, imagination and innovation.

When asked about the purpose of her work, Madison said, “I love art and VR is new and interesting to me. Drawing in 3D will be a challenge and I would love to experience a new reality. I also wanted to produce an artistic example of someone at peace and at ease. I wanted my artwork to feel like a relaxing place free of the outside world.

Madison’s work has given new insights to what is possible with virtual reality and how staff and students will utilise this exciting technology in the future.

 Jamie Clark

 Acting Head of Academic Excellence