LifeLink at Corpus

The LifeLink fundraiser on Tuesday was a great example of coming together as a community to have fun, share a laugh and raise money for a great cause.

The LifeLink organisation, links together several great charitable agencies that assist people in several different ways. The agencies involved care for those who are disabled, have mental illnesses, need family and employment support, homeless and refugees.

 Some of these agencies are not well-known and do not attract adequate funds from the public. Being part of LifeLink enables them to access from a base of much needed funds.

 A massive thank you to the Ministry Team:

 Melanie Bird- who came up with a novel approach that was engaging- ‘link the teacher for lifelink’

Joel Massad- who worked alongside Melanie to make the fundraiser happen

Jacqui Johnson- who cooked the sausages to perfection

Tony Andreis- for his assistance with the sausage sizzle

Cafeteria Staff- who did all things and more to get the food ready

Maintenance Staff- who provided expert advice on what kind of tape would stick best and who assisted with set up

Matthew Jackson- who pulled in the crowd with his charm and enthusiasm

All other Staff- who assisted with advertising and support

The ministry students- for doing a stellar job on the day

And most importantly- James Howard and Michael Royall- who we tried really hard to stick to the wall.

 The College raised - $780.00 on the day.