ACC Athletics Carnival

The ACC A Division Athletics Carnival was held at the WA Athletics Stadium on Wednesday 12 September 2018. The team focus for the day centred on being accountable to team mates and bringing effort.

After six weeks of frustrating weather hampering our preparations, the Corpus kids pulled together, embraced the challenge of the big stage, and competed with courage and determination.

 After a shaky start in the hurdles, Corpus regained composure and consistently placed front of the pack on the track for the remainder of the carnival. Our middle-distance runners were superb. Our throwers and jumpers were resolute, and Corpus enjoyed our most consistent results in the field for a number of years.  On the Scoreboard, Corpus were in a close tussle with Chisholm, Peter Moyes and John Septimus Roe, all day. The final placings rested with the all-important relays and Corpus did not disappoint. In the closing stages the Corpus relay synergy shone through and our Goal of ‘Top 3’ in the Overall Aggregate was realised.

 Our Corpus girls continued to impress. They were fearless and strong all day. We were awarded 2nd place in the Senior Girls Shield and 2nd in the Overall Girls Shield, which was a fantastic result.

Special mention must go to the following outstanding individual athletes who all had a splendorous day.

Year 7: Darren Fernandez (1st place in 4 x Division 1 events), Florence Chapman, Michela De Boni, Jamie Lee, Bradley Stephenson, Alessia Andritsos

 Year 8: Jack Clutterbuck, Emma Runyon, Zach Pivac, Shannae Ziccardi

 Year 9: Luke Chapman Charley Wehr, Sienna Andritsos, Georgia Ryan, Kim Gamueda, Jade Patching, Carly Pizzuto, Charli Hall, Lara Passaeur, Cade Ravlich, David Smith

Year 10: Sophie Jones, Ava Dadmehr, Amy Watson, Andrea Fernandez, Taylor Kroyer, Sophie Sylvester, Mary Alamiyo

 Open: Jessica De Freitas Basilio, Olivia Neri, Ethan Tupuhi, Eric Delpup

 Huge thanks go out to all the coaching staff. I’d like to acknowledge the dedicated specialist input from coaches Rebecca Del Pup, Paul Sheppard and Lyn Foreman OAM who through their knowledge and passion have inspired many of our younger athletes to be ‘the best they can be’. The successful season would not have been possible without the tremendous support of a long list of dedicated staff members including: Deb Santaromita, Lorraine Carpenter, Melissa Baines, Ellie Patterson, Kristin Nairn, Simon Messer, Naomi Larsen, Matt Jackson, Sheldon McIntyre, Joshua Pauley, Wendy Quint, Stephen Kingwell, Ian Bean, Tessa Johnson, Reno Sinagra, Mark Green, Emma Van Woerden, Rowan Platel, Phoebe McGillivray, Chloe Vince (Prac Student) and Alicia Nelson (Prac Student).

 Results of all events can be accessed via the SPORTAL on Seqta.

Comprehensive results from the ACC Carnival can be found on the ACC Website

 James Howard (Sports Coordinator)