Year 10 Compass Retreat

The two Retreat days for the Year 10 students were focussed on the concept of the ‘compass’- which guides travellers to orient themselves and find their way.

The themes of the Retreat were aimed at directing the students to choose behaviours and actions that help them become good Christian leaders in the different areas of their life. The activities were focussed on raising awareness about their responsibilities as citizens of the humanity; part of the global family.

To this end several activities were designed over the two days.

One day comprised of ‘Christian Leadership’ where students practised skills necessary for leading by example and for leading by serving others. The games and discussions were run by a group called 4theteam Leadership and included ways to build resilience, problem solving and team building.

The other day comprised of a variety of sessions in the morning that included an expo style gathering of some core service agencies in the community like World Vision, St Vincent de Paul, Caritas, Edmund Rice Centre and Environmental Groups from the local Shire.

The afternoon sessions rotated between games and discussions that raised awareness of the needs of our world and gave students the opportunity to create tie-dye shirts and prepare muffins that will be donated to local charities like Shopfront, St Vincent de Paul and St Patricks Community Support centre in Fremantle.