RAC bStreetsmart 2018


30 students comprising of 10 Year 10, 10 Year 11 and 10 Year 12 students accompanied Naomi Larsen Scott Connery to the 2018 RAC bStreetsmart presention. This powerful presentation drove home some points to reflect on.

  • Rob Pikes, a surviving bilateral amputee, gave a plea to drive like your friends life depends on it.
  • You can make a decision today that you are not going to be a statistic.
  • Do not be an egg, remember the egg safety presentation showing how each egg is damaged through a traffic accident simulation.

Josh RAC. Paramedic attending vehicle accidents. My job is to bide time for each patient and give the best possible outcome within the Golden Hour. I share with you how precious and delicate life can be.

Konnah’s Ruru, a surviving quadriplegic,  his message was simple, take life really slowly. Now I am not free as a result of my poor choices and risk taking. I am living with this injury that has trapped me in my body, I have lost what I cherished the most my freedom. Learn from my story.

They have shared their stories so that it will not HAPPEN to us.

Dr Sudhakar Rao. The Director of Trauma at the State Major Trauma Centre at Royal Perth, concluded this emotional rollercoaster of a plea to observe your own responsibility when using vehicles or roads with powerful images of injury sustained to people road users. These images did not discriminate and were horrendous and a stark reminder to the audience of what does happen. 

For more information on the RAC bStreetsmart movement, please visit the below website for further information.