Public Speaking

On Sunday morning April 8th, eight students represented Corpus Christi College at the Preliminary Heats of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition at City Beach.

The topics they spoke about were varied, ranging from “No Joking Matter” and “In Your Wildest Dreams”, to “Make Every Step Count” and “Set the Wheels in Motion”. Students are able to interpret these topics as they wish. The selected foci which Corpus Christi students chose to speak about, was broad. Some of the subjects included, use of technology, inappropriate humour, landmines, gun control and the need for feminism in our modern world.

I am delighted to announce that all eight students progressed through to the semi finals which will be held on Saturday 12th May:

Emma Garland         (Year 8)

Hugh Livingstone     (Year 8)

Olivia Dellaca           (Year 9)

Chelsea Fuderer      (Year 9)

Gianni Petta             (Year 9)

Mosaia McDonald    (Year 10)

Ike Adesanya           (Year 11)

Rachael Dellaca      (Year 11)

In the run up to the competition, along with the scheduled Tuesday afternoon sessions, these students have also met with me at various times before school, at recess and lunchtime. They represented the College with poise and confidence. They are dedicated, generous and courageous individuals and we can be very proud of them.

Thank you to all who supported the students along the way, particularly parents. Without your support, these achievements would not be possible.

Mrs Noreen Stevenson