A Green Thumbs Up

For three weeks during Term One, Corpus Christi College Education Support Centre students have been actively involved in rehabilitating the gardens at the new premises of local not-for-profit organisation Proudly Productive. Students from Years 10, 11 and 12 assisted with hands-on tasks, working as a team to revitalise garden beds and promote plant growth.

Proudly Productive was set up by Colleen Armstrong, who saw a gap in the post-school options for students with disabilities when she worked at schools. She described the vision for Proudly Productive as β€œis creating an environment that replicates a workplace, where clients feel at ease and motivated to learn, essential life, social and employment skills required to potentially move to paid employment.” The organisation is also a work experience provider for the Education Support Centre. 

The College is committed to providing practical learning opportunities as part of its curriculum and has received positive feedback from the students about the experience. The students will complete their final session at the Hamilton Hill garden workshop on 12 April.