Maths Active School Accreditation

This week Rachael Whitney-Smith, Executive Officer of the Mathematics Association of WA, presented Corpus Christi College with a Silver Maths Active School Accreditation for 2018. The Maths Active School programme allows schools to demonstrate that the school is actively extending their students and teachers beyond the normal mathematics classroom.

Led by Ms Daisy Coma, the Mathematics Learning Area encourages students and teachers alike to engage in critical thinking and problem solving with the hope that they will extend themselves and find enjoyment whilst doing so.

Upcoming opportunities for students include:

  • MAWA’s Have Sum Fun Competition, where teams of Years 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 students will compete in a quiz night format to solve challenging maths problems.
  • Pi Day in Maths lessons on Wednesday 14 March. Last year’s champions managed to recite pi correct to 116 decimal places!
  • STEM projects for Year 8s will commence across Maths, Science and Technology lessons, with this year’s question of “Will it fly?” prompting students to explore different kite shapes, angles and areas.
  • Maths Problem Solving Club – a new initiative commencing Monday 12 March. All students are invited to bring their lunch and problem-solve!

With these initiatives, the College will be sure to ‘multiply’ its success and enthusiasm for this core discipline and essential life skillset!