Quest & Cadre Retreat Catchup

Quest & Cadre leaders made up of Year 11 and 12 students,  give up their time to support and assist Year 7 students who are new to the College. They assist them in settling in to college life and give them a familiar face around campus at a time that can often be a little daunting.

Our Quest and Cadre leaders host a retreat for the Year 7’s at the beginning of Term 1 where the leaders were able to get to know the Year 7’s on a more personal level. This week we followed up from the retreat with a Cadre & Quest catchup on Tuesday (27th March) at recess. The year 7 students were given a time to reconnect with their Cadre and Quest leaders while also being able to take part in an organised game of tug-of-war between houses, who battled it out until we came to a winner.