People of Corpus Christi: Filipa Carvalho


Filipa was appointed Head of Academic Excellence at Corpus Christi College in 2015. In this role she has been responsible for many innovations designed to enhance academic performance, including the introduction of student Personalised Learning Cards.

As her students will attest, Filipa is passionate about science, which is not surprising given her rich background in scientific disciplines. Her undergraduate degree was in molecular biology and genetics, and she went on to do a Masters of Forensic Science, her thesis is entitled; ‘A molecular method for the detections of ingested host DNA in the larvae and pupae of the forensically important blowfly species: Calliphora Dubia’. On completion of her Masters, Filipa worked with lead forensic entomologists at the UWA Centre for Forensic Science. The work, similar to FBI work in “body farms”, focussed on the fly maggots and pupae from pigs – vital in determining the post mortem interval of a human body. Filipa has some fascinating inside stories of Perth’s crime scene – but, ever the professional, she is unlikely to share them!

Following this interesting forensic work, Filipa shifted her focus to genetics and took a position at Royal Perth Hospital. Again she was at the cutting edge of her profession, working in HIV research sequencing the HIV genome. During this time of intense research, Filipa discovered a passion for teaching and decided to move into education, where she could combine her two passions. Her interest in her craft quickly led her to being at the cutting edge of the integration of technology into the classroom. Filipa was appointed to a position as Head of Science and then Head of Learning and Innovation at Seton Catholic College.

What is also fascinating about Filipa is her cultural background. Born in Australia, but moving back and forth to Portugal over the years, she is fluent in Portuguese. If Filipa’s diverse and rich curriculum vitae doesn’t convince, this surely does! A highly intelligent and adaptable personality, with a thirst for knowledge, she is an inspiration to her students and colleagues.