From The Principal

Dear Parents

Students and staff celebrated our Holy Week Liturgy in the Community Centre this morning, with a moving service. We know it is important that we remember that Easter is the main feast of the Church, when we rejoice at the triumph of Christ. The paschal mystery, the Lord’s Supper, the crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection, form the heart of our liturgical year. Our faith is built on the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is truly risen and is with us still. I encourage all families to attend the services within their own parishes and communities over the coming weekend.

An invitation to join the College Prayer Group

A group of community members led by Kenneth Phua meet each Friday after Homeroom Mass in our Chapel to pray for our community’s intentions, and to give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings we experience. Parents, grandparents, and friends of Corpus who would like to join this group, are also very welcome to join us for Mass which commences at 8.00am during term time. The prayer group gathers at approximately 8.45am outside the Chapel, and after prayer, often gather for a cuppa afterwards. If interested, please just come along.

An Easter Prayer

O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the changing of the seasons.

As we embrace these autumn months, may the earlier setting of the sun remind us to take time to rest.

May the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet remind us of the brevity of this earthly life.

May the steam of our breath in the cool air remind us that it is you who give us your breath of life.

We give you praise for an even greater sign of new life: the resurrection of your Son,
Our Lord Jesus Christ, that we especially celebrate at this time.
The sadness and despair of his death has given way to the bright promise of immortality.
For the Resurrection is our guarantee that justice will triumph over treason,

Light will overcome darkness, and love will conquer death.

As we celebrate, we also dare to ask for your grace that we may live the promise given to us,
By imitating the life of Jesus in reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, the least among us,
As we strive to be neighbor to all those we meet,

We ask your special blessings each and every day on our community of students, staff and parents.
May we strive to make this great school of ours a beacon of hope and justice in a world hungry for peace and so in need of your love.

We praise you in this Easter season. Change our lives, change our hearts to be messengers of Easter joy and hope.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord forever.


Please have a happy and holy Easter with your family and friends, returning to school on Wednesday 4 April.


Jesus is risen!

He is risen indeed!

The Final Word…

I also invite all parents to join us for the Whole School Assembly held in the Community Centre on Tuesday 10 April when we present the College Endeavour Awards to students across all years. We will also conduct a commemorative ANZAC ceremony at the commencement of the Assembly. Please also keep our Year 12 students in your prayers as they attend their final Retreat at the College during the last 3 days of term.

Best wishes and God bless

Mrs Caroline Payne


Thursday 29 March 2018