Piano Society of Corpus Christi College


The Piano Society of Corpus Christi College is a co-curricular group that meets once a month. It is an enrichment opportunity for students who have played piano for a few years and have reached a standard of Grade 5 or above (this can be an equivalent level of achievement if students haven’t taken piano grades).

The purpose of the society is to create opportunities for pianists to

  • develop their sight-reading and performance skills
  • attend piano concerts, workshops and masterclasses
  • support the musical life of the College
  • socialise with other like-minded students.

The society will be run by David Harries - Head of Music, Ms Kristy Carroll – Piano tutor, Abigail Radford - Music Assistant, and the students - Kathryn Tan (AMEB Diploma) and Victoria Ann Chong (AMEB Grade 8)

We are proud to announce that we will commence in April 2018, with monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month.

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 5th April at 1pm in the Auditorium.

If you are interested, please contact David Harries on david.harries@cewa.edu.au