Jason Evert Presentation

On Thursday 22 March, Denver-based Catholic speaker Jason Evert kicked off his whirlwind Perth tour with a talk to the Year 9s and 12s at Corpus Christi College. A founding member of the Chastity Project, Jason has spoken to more than one million people worldwide on the virtue of chastity. His approach to ministry is non-judgmental, allowing individuals to see the virtue of chastity so that they can see God and be free to love. In teaching young people about healthy relationships, Jason empowers students to make good decisions and respect themselves, their peers and their faith. Students enjoyed his engaging and honest talk, experiencing first-hand why Jason is in such demand worldwide.

After speaking to the students, Jason then facilitated a session for staff, which was also well received. The College thanks Jason for making Corpus his first stop in a 36-hour tour and encourages all those interested to visit the Chastity Project website at https://chastityproject.com/.