Extra Curricular Drama Classes

Reflecting the strong interest in all things Drama and Performing Arts at Corpus Christi College, students now have the opportunity to undertake extra-curricular Drama classes for eight weeks at an affordable cost. Both the Stage Make-up and Stage Combat classes started in Week 2, giving students the chance to receive expert tuition from external professionals.

In Stage Combat, students will learn theatrical techniques for rolling, falling, slapping, punching, grappling, and swordplay, amongst other grips and stances. These performance and illusion techniques are handy skills to have for many productions, helping create convincing, dynamic scenes on the stage. Students will also learn the safety protocols involved in staging these combat scenes.

In Stage Make-up, students will learn theatrical make-up in Term 1, with sessions based on recreating character make-up from famous productions such as Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Grease and the Lion King. In learning how to use industry-specific cosmetics and the application techniques best suited for these materials, students will be equipped to transform actors and actresses into stage-ready characters. Styled hair and embellishments will complete the looks. Term 2 will see students extend their skills into special effects, with the creation of wounds, bruises, burns and blood!

With each set of classes already at their maximum, there is now a waiting list to participate. Students are encouraged to express their interest with the Arts Learning Area if they would like to join the waiting list.

The future of Drama at the College is in excellent hands – we can expect cast and crew to be superbly costumed for many years to come.