Year 7 Insect Play

Audiences where treated to a fabulous and entertaining year 7 Play last Thursday 29th Nov.

The Insect Play was first performed in Prague in 1922.

The Insect Play (or Ze života hmyzu in the Czech) is an unconventional and much-celebrated satire which tells the story of a myriad insects and the multi-layered and complex society which binds them; its comical allegory serves to illuminate the competing philosophies of life doing battle in Europe in the first half of the twentieth century.

This performance featured some of the key scenes from the play. Students have been working over this term in their own time to produce and explore this production. The audience where incredibly impressed with the quality of the performers and the opportunity offered to students to take courage in their creativity. 

Congratulations to 

Will Lewis 

Summer Morphew 

Grace Nuttall 

Tatiana Pymont 

Mia Rossi 

Aidan Foley 

Taneesha Barbarich 

Ashton Cridge 

Gisela Zumpano 

Taylor Kew 

Alexandra Chong 

Angelyne Varen 

Directed by James Dove 

Assisted by Michelle Hunt 

Particular thanks to Chris Carbone and the Maintenance team.