Special Effects Make Up Club

The Corpus Christi Special Effects Makeup Club runs on Thursday afternoons (3:30pm- 5:00pm). The group is open to all students from years 7-12 and participants workshop special effects and theatre make up skills with a professional make-up artist.

So far, they have been able to put their creative stage makeup skills into use by assisting with the College production of Animal Farm. They were challenged to create a contemporary interpretation of traditional animalistic makeup which relied on bold contour lines and effective shading to create an ultra-modern aesthetic.

 More recently, the students have been working with materials such as bruising wheels, stage blood, latex and wax to mould realistic cuts, bullet wounds, burns and bruising with great success.

They are becoming an experienced make up troupe which the Arts department can depend on as a useful resource with the opening of the new theatre getting closer. Their confidence to use new materials and test out industry relevant skills is growing with every session. Their work speaks for itself!